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Just Lovin' You Two StepTS II+2 Hooper Two StepTS, II+2, Hooper

Just Lovin' You

Two StepTS, II+2, Hooper

King Of The Road Two StepTS II MacDougall/Cohen Two StepTS, II, MacDougall/Cohen

King Of The Road

Two StepTS, II, MacDougall/Cohen

Kiss Me Goodbye Rumba RumbaRb VI Lawson RumbaRb, VI, Lawson

Kiss Me Goodbye Rumba

RumbaRb, VI, Lawson

Kokomo RumbaRb VI D'Aloiso RumbaRb, VI, D'Aloiso


RumbaRb, VI, D'Aloiso

Kon-Tiki Two StepTS II Glazier Two StepTS, II, Glazier


Two StepTS, II, Glazier

La Bamba MamboMambo IV Rumble MamboMambo, IV, Rumble

La Bamba

MamboMambo, IV, Rumble

Lady Is A Tramp, The QuickstepQS V+2+1 Moore QuickstepQS, V+2+1, Moore

Lady Is A Tramp, The

QuickstepQS, V+2+1, Moore

Last Waltz, The WaltzWz II Galloway WaltzWz, II, Galloway

Last Waltz, The

WaltzWz, II, Galloway

Letkiss MamboMambo IV ECTA Cuers MamboMambo, IV, ECTA Cuers


MamboMambo, IV, ECTA Cuers

Liebestraum No. 3 WaltzWz V+1 Shibata WaltzWz, V+1, Shibata

Liebestraum No. 3

WaltzWz, V+1, Shibata

Listen To The Music Cha Cha/FoxtrotCha/FT IV+2 Weiss Cha Cha/FoxtrotCha/FT, IV+2, Weiss

Listen To The Music

Cha Cha/FoxtrotCha/FT, IV+2, Weiss

Little Black Book Two StepTS II+1 Mouser Two StepTS, II+1, Mouser

Little Black Book

Two StepTS, II+1, Mouser

Little Papillon WaltzWz IV+2 Schmidt WaltzWz, IV+2, Schmidt

Little Papillon

WaltzWz, IV+2, Schmidt

Little White Moon Two StepTS II Wilder Two StepTS, II, Wilder

Little White Moon

Two StepTS, II, Wilder

Long And Lasting Love FoxtrotFT III Frey FoxtrotFT, III, Frey

Long And Lasting Love

FoxtrotFT, III, Frey

Louisiana Saturday Night Two StepTS II Tracey Two StepTS, II, Tracey

Louisiana Saturday Night

Two StepTS, II, Tracey

Love Changes Everything BoleroBolero V Pierce BoleroBolero, V, Pierce

Love Changes Everything

BoleroBolero, V, Pierce

Love Is Two StepTS II Gotta Two StepTS, II, Gotta

Love Is

Two StepTS, II, Gotta

Man, I Feel Like A Jive JiveJive IV+2 Rotscheid JiveJive, IV+2, Rotscheid

Man, I Feel Like A Jive

JiveJive, IV+2, Rotscheid

Manuela WaltzWz IV+1 Rumble WaltzWz, IV+1, Rumble


WaltzWz, IV+1, Rumble

Maple Leaf Rag Two StepTS II Kern Two StepTS, II, Kern

Maple Leaf Rag

Two StepTS, II, Kern

Me And You Two Step/FoxtrotTS/FT III Tracey Two Step/FoxtrotTS/FT, III, Tracey

Me And You

Two Step/FoxtrotTS/FT, III, Tracey

Mexicali Rose WaltzWz II Stapleton WaltzWz, II, Stapleton

Mexicali Rose

WaltzWz, II, Stapleton

Miss Frenchy Brown Two StepTS II Tetzlaff Two StepTS, II, Tetzlaff

Miss Frenchy Brown

Two StepTS, II, Tetzlaff

Missouri Breaks, The Waltz/Two StepWz/TS IV+1 Waldal/Bushue Waltz/Two StepWz/TS, IV+1, Waldal/Bushue

Missouri Breaks, The

Waltz/Two StepWz/TS, IV+1, Waldal/Bushue

Moon Over Naples Two Step/FoxtrotTS/FT III Brownyard Two Step/FoxtrotTS/FT, III, Brownyard

Moon Over Naples

Two Step/FoxtrotTS/FT, III, Brownyard

More And More Every Day FoxtrotFT V+2 Lawson FoxtrotFT, V+2, Lawson

More And More Every Day

FoxtrotFT, V+2, Lawson

Mountains Of Mourne, The WaltzWz IV+2 Lamberty/Swain WaltzWz, IV+2, Lamberty/Swain

Mountains Of Mourne, The

WaltzWz, IV+2, Lamberty/Swain

Music For Dancers Two StepTS II Wiese Two StepTS, II, Wiese

Music For Dancers

Two StepTS, II, Wiese

My Girl Cha ChaCha III+2 Knight Cha ChaCha, III+2, Knight

My Girl

Cha ChaCha, III+2, Knight

New York, New York Two StepTS III+1 Cooper Two StepTS, III+1, Cooper

New York, New York

Two StepTS, III+1, Cooper

Nickelodian Two StepTS II Lawson Two StepTS, II, Lawson


Two StepTS, II, Lawson

No Matter What RumbaRb V+2 Fisher RumbaRb, V+2, Fisher

No Matter What

RumbaRb, V+2, Fisher

Nobody's Angel RumbaRb IV+1 Crapo RumbaRb, IV+1, Crapo

Nobody's Angel

RumbaRb, IV+1, Crapo

Non Dimenticar RumbaRb III+1 Rumble RumbaRb, III+1, Rumble

Non Dimenticar

RumbaRb, III+1, Rumble

Numero Cinco Two StepTS II Warren Two StepTS, II, Warren

Numero Cinco

Two StepTS, II, Warren

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Cha ChaCha III+1 Rumble Cha ChaCha, III+1, Rumble

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Cha ChaCha, III+1, Rumble

Oh Oh Two StepTS II Seurer Two StepTS, II, Seurer

Oh Oh

Two StepTS, II, Seurer

On A Star Cha ChaCha III+1 Seurer Cha ChaCha, III+1, Seurer

On A Star

Cha ChaCha, III+1, Seurer

On Top Of The World Two StepTS II Pellicci Two StepTS, II, Pellicci

On Top Of The World

Two StepTS, II, Pellicci

Orient Express Foxtrot FoxtrotFT V+2 Moore FoxtrotFT, V+2, Moore

Orient Express Foxtrot

FoxtrotFT, V+2, Moore

Papa Loves Mambo Two StepTS II+1 Bennett Two StepTS, II+1, Bennett

Papa Loves Mambo

Two StepTS, II+1, Bennett

Party's Over, The Two StepTS II+1 Casper Two StepTS, II+1, Casper

Party's Over, The

Two StepTS, II+1, Casper

Patricia Two StepTS III Walkinshaw/Goss Two StepTS, III, Walkinshaw/Goss


Two StepTS, III, Walkinshaw/Goss

Pearly Shells Two StepTS II Latta Two StepTS, II, Latta

Pearly Shells

Two StepTS, II, Latta

Piano Roll Waltz WaltzWz II Green WaltzWz, II, Green

Piano Roll Waltz

WaltzWz, II, Green

Pink Shoelaces Two StepTS II Reid Two StepTS, II, Reid

Pink Shoelaces

Two StepTS, II, Reid

Poet And I, The WaltzWz II Brown WaltzWz, II, Brown

Poet And I, The

WaltzWz, II, Brown

Pop Goes The Movies MixedMixed III+2 Raye MixedMixed, III+2, Raye

Pop Goes The Movies

MixedMixed, III+2, Raye

Pretty Blue Eyes RumbaRb IV+1 Wilder RumbaRb, IV+1, Wilder

Pretty Blue Eyes

RumbaRb, IV+1, Wilder

Primrose Lane Two Step/JiveTS/Jive III+2 Wilder Two Step/JiveTS/Jive, III+2, Wilder

Primrose Lane

Two Step/JiveTS/Jive, III+2, Wilder

Rachel's Song Slow Two StepSTS IV+1 Stairwalt Slow Two StepSTS, IV+1, Stairwalt

Rachel's Song

Slow Two StepSTS, IV+1, Stairwalt

Rainbow Connection WaltzWz IV Childers WaltzWz, IV, Childers

Rainbow Connection

WaltzWz, IV, Childers

Red Carnations WaltzWz II+2 Hallman WaltzWz, II+2, Hallman

Red Carnations

WaltzWz, II+2, Hallman

Reet Petite JiveJive V Schmidt JiveJive, V, Schmidt

Reet Petite

JiveJive, V, Schmidt

Return To Sender JiveJive IV Rotscheid JiveJive, IV, Rotscheid

Return To Sender

JiveJive, IV, Rotscheid

Rhumba Pete Two StepTS II Metzger Two StepTS, II, Metzger

Rhumba Pete

Two StepTS, II, Metzger

Rhythm Of The Night Cha ChaCha IV Seurer Cha ChaCha, IV, Seurer

Rhythm Of The Night

Cha ChaCha, IV, Seurer

Rio De Luna Waltz WaltzWz III+1 Wiese WaltzWz, III+1, Wiese

Rio De Luna Waltz

WaltzWz, III+1, Wiese

River Lullaby WaltzWz IV Lillefield WaltzWz, IV, Lillefield

River Lullaby

WaltzWz, IV, Lillefield

River Two-Step Two StepTS II Weber Two StepTS, II, Weber

River Two-Step

Two StepTS, II, Weber

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Two StepTS II Walther Two StepTS, II, Walther

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Two StepTS, II, Walther

Rockin' Robin JiveJive V Macuci JiveJive, V, Macuci

Rockin' Robin

JiveJive, V, Macuci

Roses For Elizabeth Two StepTS III Bliss Two StepTS, III, Bliss

Roses For Elizabeth

Two StepTS, III, Bliss

Run For The Roses WaltzWz II Boyd WaltzWz, II, Boyd

Run For The Roses

WaltzWz, II, Boyd

Runaround Sue JiveJive VI Rumble JiveJive, VI, Rumble

Runaround Sue

JiveJive, VI, Rumble

Salty Two-Step Two StepTS II Raye Two StepTS, II, Raye

Salty Two-Step

Two StepTS, II, Raye

Seein' My Father In Me Two StepTS II+2 Wilhoit Two StepTS, II+2, Wilhoit

Seein' My Father In Me

Two StepTS, II+2, Wilhoit

September Foxtrot FoxtrotFT IV+1 Slotsve FoxtrotFT, IV+1, Slotsve

September Foxtrot

FoxtrotFT, IV+1, Slotsve

Serenade 4U WaltzWz IV+2 Lamberty WaltzWz, IV+2, Lamberty

Serenade 4U

WaltzWz, IV+2, Lamberty

Sex Bomb Cha ChaCha IV+1 Rotscheid Cha ChaCha, IV+1, Rotscheid

Sex Bomb

Cha ChaCha, IV+1, Rotscheid

She's Not You FoxtrotFT IV+1 Callen FoxtrotFT, IV+1, Callen

She's Not You

FoxtrotFT, IV+1, Callen

Should I Do It JiveJive IV+1 Read JiveJive, IV+1, Read

Should I Do It

JiveJive, IV+1, Read

So Good In Love WaltzWz II Glenn WaltzWz, II, Glenn

So Good In Love

WaltzWz, II, Glenn

Someday Soon RumbaRb III+2 Crapo RumbaRb, III+2, Crapo

Someday Soon

RumbaRb, III+2, Crapo

Someone Must Feel Like A Fool WaltzWz II+2 Lukert WaltzWz, II+2, Lukert

Someone Must Feel Like A Fool

WaltzWz, II+2, Lukert

Spaghetti Rag Two StepTS III Gniewek Two StepTS, III, Gniewek

Spaghetti Rag

Two StepTS, III, Gniewek

Spanish Gypsy Paso DoblePD IV Murbach Paso DoblePD, IV, Murbach

Spanish Gypsy

Paso DoblePD, IV, Murbach

Spinning Wheel Waltz WaltzWz II+1 Juhala WaltzWz, II+1, Juhala

Spinning Wheel Waltz

WaltzWz, II+1, Juhala

Spoil The Party Two Step/Cha ChaTS/Cha III Molitoris Two Step/Cha ChaTS/Cha, III, Molitoris

Spoil The Party

Two Step/Cha ChaTS/Cha, III, Molitoris

St. Louis Blues Two StepTS II Mueller Two StepTS, II, Mueller

St. Louis Blues

Two StepTS, II, Mueller

Stay Young Two StepTS II+1 Sikorsky Two StepTS, II+1, Sikorsky

Stay Young

Two StepTS, II+1, Sikorsky

Stranger On The Shore FoxtrotFT IV Rotscheid FoxtrotFT, IV, Rotscheid

Stranger On The Shore

FoxtrotFT, IV, Rotscheid

Stuck On You JiveJive IV+U Rumble JiveJive, IV+U, Rumble

Stuck On You

JiveJive, IV+U, Rumble

Sugar, Sugar Cha ChaCha IV Worlock Cha ChaCha, IV, Worlock

Sugar, Sugar

Cha ChaCha, IV, Worlock

Sukiyaki Two StepTS II Brown Two StepTS, II, Brown


Two StepTS, II, Brown

Sunrise Sunset WaltzWz II+2 Wolcott WaltzWz, II+2, Wolcott

Sunrise Sunset

WaltzWz, II+2, Wolcott

Sway 4 Me Cha ChaCha IV+2 Rumble Cha ChaCha, IV+2, Rumble

Sway 4 Me

Cha ChaCha, IV+2, Rumble

Sweet Caroline Two StepTS II Apostal Two StepTS, II, Apostal

Sweet Caroline

Two StepTS, II, Apostal

Sweet Smile Two StepTS II Inoue Two StepTS, II, Inoue

Sweet Smile

Two StepTS, II, Inoue

Tango D'Ideas TangoTg III Meisel TangoTg, III, Meisel

Tango D'Ideas

TangoTg, III, Meisel

Tango Mannita TangoTg III Smith MN TangoTg, III, Smith MN

Tango Mannita

TangoTg, III, Smith MN

Taste Of The Wind, A Two Step/RumbaTS/Rb III Eddins Two Step/RumbaTS/Rb, III, Eddins

Taste Of The Wind, A

Two Step/RumbaTS/Rb, III, Eddins

Tequila II Two StepTS II Dunn Two StepTS, II, Dunn

Tequila II

Two StepTS, II, Dunn

That Happy Feeling Two StepTS III+1 Tennent Two StepTS, III+1, Tennent

That Happy Feeling

Two StepTS, III+1, Tennent

Tips Of My Fingers WaltzWz II Palmquist WaltzWz, II, Palmquist

Tips Of My Fingers

WaltzWz, II, Palmquist

Today WaltzWz II+1 Bleam WaltzWz, II+1, Bleam


WaltzWz, II+1, Bleam

Walk Right Back Two StepTS II+1 May Two StepTS, II+1, May

Walk Right Back

Two StepTS, II+1, May

Waltz With Me WaltzWz II Harry WaltzWz, II, Harry

Waltz With Me

WaltzWz, II, Harry

Water Under The Bridge Two StepTS II Apostal Two StepTS, II, Apostal

Water Under The Bridge

Two StepTS, II, Apostal

Way To Your Heart, The Two StepTS II Muller/Voelkl Two StepTS, II, Muller/Voelkl

Way To Your Heart, The

Two StepTS, II, Muller/Voelkl

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