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Clubs that meet today (Wednesday).

Apple Jacks & Jills Placerville WednesdayWed MainstreamMS, Plus
Capital City Squares Sacramento WednesdayWed MainstreamMS, Plus, A2
Mavericks Roseville Monday, WednesdayMon, Wed Plus, A2, Rounds
Prime 8's Sacramento WednesdayWed A1, A2
Ventura B&B's Ventura WednesdayWed Plus
Magic Squares San Diego Monday, Tuesday, WednesdayMon, Tue, Wed C1, C2
All-A-Round Wunders Sonora WednesdayWed Rounds
Single Skirts & Flirts Oakdale WednesdayWed Plus
Turlock Steppin Pards Turlock WednesdayWed Plus
Shirley Ivins Hemet, San Jacinto Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayTue, Wed, Thu, Fri Rounds
Eileen and Bob Silvia Garden Grove, Rancho Cucamonga Sunday, Tuesday, WednesdaySun, Tue, Wed Rounds
Calico Quails Yucaipa WednesdayWed Plus
Canyon Lake Twirlers Canyon Lake Sunday, WednesdaySun, Wed MainstreamMS, Plus
Cowtown Singles Riverside WednesdayWed Plus
Fountain of Youth Squares Niland WednesdayWed MainstreamMS, Plus
Sunkissed Squares Redlands WednesdayWed Plus
Oroville Promenaders Oroville WednesdayWed MainstreamMS, Plus, Rounds
Partners In Progress Anderson WednesdayWed MainstreamMS
Prairie Squares Redding WednesdayWed Plus, A2
Boots & Belles Napa WednesdayWed Plus APD
Delta Squares Oakley WednesdayWed MainstreamMS, Plus
Farmers & Farmerettes Newark WednesdayWed Plus
Martinez Swingers Martinez WednesdayWed Plus
Tam Twirlers San Rafael WednesdayWed Plus
Diablo Mountain Cloggers Danville WednesdayWed Clogging
Midnight Squares San Francisco Sunday, WednesdaySun, Wed A2, C1, C2, C3A
Oaktown 8's Oakland WednesdayWed MainstreamMS, Plus
Singles and Pairs Santa Rosa WednesdayWed Plus
Rockin' Jokers San Jose WednesdayWed Plus
Gilroy Gliders Prunedale WednesdayWed Plus, A2
Belle Swingers Sunnyvale WednesdayWed A2
Bows & Beaus Los Altos WednesdayWed Plus
Krazy Dazys Cupertino WednesdayWed Plus
Finest City Squares San Diego WednesdayWed MainstreamMS, Plus, A2
Sundown Dancers La Mesa, Lemon Grove Sunday, WednesdaySun, Wed Plus, Rounds
Ann's and Andy's El Cajon WednesdayWed Basic
Lathrop Squares Lathrop WednesdayWed Plus
Skirts and Flirts Bakersfield WednesdayWed A1, A2
Tehachapi Gandy Dancers Tahachapi WednesdayWed Plus
Merry Go Rounders Ridgecrest WednesdayWed Rounds
Gold Dust Dancers Oakhurst WednesdayWed Plus
Royal Oak Rounders Clovis WednesdayWed Rounds
Bloomin' Squares Sunland, Tujunga Sunday, WednesdaySun, Wed MainstreamMS, Plus, A2
Boots and Bows Redondo Beach, Torrance Wednesday, SaturdayWed, Sat Plus
Taws & Paws Santa Barbara WednesdayWed Plus
Trail Dusters Northridge, Calabasas Wednesday, SaturdayWed, Sat Plus
Funsters Covina WednesdayWed MainstreamMS
Golden Slippers Sebastopol WednesdayWed Rounds
Garzienda Vista Tuesday, Wednesday, SaturdayTue, Wed, Sat Rounds
Romney's Stars Garden Grove, Westminster ... Laguna Woods, Hemet, Riverside Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayMon, Tue, Wed, Thu Plus, A2, C1
Dancing Shadows Las Vegas Monday, WednesdayMon, Wed Rounds
Hathaway Sill Fair Oaks, Placerville Tuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayTue, Wed, Thu Rounds
Golden State Squares Santa Ana WednesdayWed MainstreamMS, Plus, A2
Carousel Club 216 Long Beach WednesdayWed Rounds
Keller Smith Buena Park, La Mirada, Redondo Beach Monday, Wednesday, Sunday, FridayMon, Wed, Sun, Fri Rounds
Swinging Stars Las Vegas, NV WednesdayWed MainstreamMS, Plus
Cloverleafs Reno, NV WednesdayWed MainstreamMS, Plus


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