Recent Uploads

Upload cue sheet Size Rhythm Phase Choreographer Date posted
If You Love Me 164K Bolero IV+1 Okino May 26 2017
The Moon Is Over Her Shoulder 25K Waltz II+1 Harris May 26 2017
Sei Con Me 83K Slow Two Step IV+1+2 Hilpert/Pohl May 25 2017
Thoroughly Modern Quickstep 105K Quickstep VI Michaelson May 24 2017
Read My Mind Rumba 70K Rumba IV Betzelberger May 18 2017
If You Forget Me III 27K Rumba III+1 Harris May 09 2017
Wichita Lineman 27K Slow Two Step IV+2+2 Harris May 09 2017
Der Schleier Viel (corrected title) 27K Foxtrot IV+1 Dierickx Apr 27 2017
That's When i See The Blues 5 24K Rumba V+U Dierickx Apr 27 2017
That's When I See The Blues 4 27K Rumba IV+1 Dierickx Apr 27 2017
Soleado 14K Waltz V+1 Dierickx Apr 27 2017
Que Viva La Vida 28K Cha Cha IV+1+3 Dierickx Apr 27 2017
Make You Feel My Love 4 21K Rumba IV+2 Dierickx Apr 27 2017
La Melodie D'Amour 26K Slow Two Step IV+1+2 Dierickx Apr 27 2017
Der Schkeier Viel 27K Foxtrot IV+1 Dierickx Apr 27 2017
Poppy Hill 97K Waltz III+2 Cavness Apr 26 2017
Sam 88K Waltz II+1 Cavness Apr 26 2017
Rumba Lenta 122K Rumba IV+2 Pelton Apr 26 2017
Make Believe 58K Foxtrot IV+2 Rogers Apr 24 2017
Algo Tienes 208K Bolero V+1 Lankuttis Apr 22 2017
Je Veux 80K Jive V+2 Schidler/Trinkaus/Koegler Apr 21 2017
Creep 79K Foxtrot VI Schidler-Trinkaus-Koegler Apr 21 2017
Watermark II 15K Waltz II+1 Hayami Apr 21 2017
Manfred's Cha Cha 50K Cha Cha IV+2 Woodruff Apr 16 2017
All the time in the world 239K Bolero III+2 Lankuttis Apr 14 2017
A Lover's Question 106K Two Step II+1 Seurer Apr 11 2017
Af en Af 62K Two Step II Seurer Apr 11 2017
I Love You 161K Bolero VI Hagiwara Apr 07 2017
Infiltrado 160K Tango VI Cantrell Apr 05 2017
Softly, Softly 28K Waltz V Tennant Apr 05 2017
Ella Mae 127K Jive IV+2+1 Ito Apr 05 2017
Mona Lisa's Smile (corrected) 181K Waltz III+1+1 Helton Apr 05 2017
Rockin at the House of Mouse 30K Two Step II Wood Apr 03 2017
Cry No More 91K Bolero IV+2 Hilpert-Pohl Apr 01 2017
You Can't Have It All 24K Waltz IV Dierickx Mar 30 2017
The Third Man 22K Two Step III Dierickx Mar 30 2017
Rotkappchen's Traum 27K Foxtrot IV+2+2 Dierickx Mar 30 2017
My Serenade 29K Hesitation & Canter Waltz IV+1 Dierickx Mar 30 2017
Memories Of An Old Song 28K Rumba V+3U Dierickx Mar 30 2017
The Beach (La Playa) 22K Rumba V+U Dierickx Mar 30 2017
Kiss The Rain 27K Waltz IV+2+1 Dierickx Mar 30 2017
Cheri Cheri Lady 20K Cha Cha V+3U Dierickx Mar 30 2017
Until Tonight 126K Rumba V+1 Parker Mar 29 2017
Pictures, Through the Dark 202K Waltz V+2+1 Stachura/Finch Mar 27 2017
On the Sunny Side of the Street 197K Foxtrot IV+1 Rumble Mar 27 2017
Annabelle IV, revisited 28K Waltz IV Woodruff Mar 26 2017
Tell Me About It 100K Two Step II+2 Nelson Mar 25 2017
Come Here You 104K West Coast IV+2+3 Nelson Mar 25 2017
Nightingale Waltz 106K Waltz III+2 Nelson Mar 25 2017
Mi Amante 106K Bolero V+1 Nelson Mar 25 2017
Paper Roses Foxtrot 128K Foxtrot III+1 Seurer Mar 23 2017
Solid Gold 134K Two Step II DeFore Mar 20 2017
Always Be This Way 123K Two Step II DeFore Mar 20 2017
Innamorata Waltz 136K Waltz III+2 DeFore Mar 20 2017
A Place 139K Cha Cha/Merengue III+1 DeFore Mar 20 2017
We Know The Way 39K Cha Cha III Woodruff Mar 18 2017
Ex's and Oh's (Revised) 26K Two Step/Quickstep III+1 Simpson Mar 07 2017
Manfred's Mambo (cha cha) 118K Cha Cha V+1 Webb Mar 07 2017
Only Time IV 159K Waltz IV+2 Molitoris Mar 05 2017
Head Over Boots 219K Two Step II+1+1 Pratt Mar 01 2017
Hot Rhumba, Final 178K Rumba IV+1 Lee Feb 28 2017
Indian Lake 111K Two Step II Brown/Cooley Feb 27 2017
For A Flirt - Pour Un Flirt 20K Two Step III Dierickx Feb 23 2017
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