Recent Uploads

Upload cue sheet Size Rhythm Phase Choreographer Date posted
You, No One But You 51K Foxtrot III+U Dierickx Oct 27 2020
Whipped Cream 31K Two Step II+2 Dierickx Oct 27 2020
When You're In My Arms 60K Slow Two Step V+3U Dierickx Oct 27 2020
There's a Kind of Hush 57K Foxtrot IV+2 Dierickx Oct 27 2020
Only One Road 34K Waltz V+1 Dierickx Oct 27 2020
Melody for you 38K Waltz IV+1 Dierickx Oct 27 2020
Madreselva 37K Bolero V+2U Dierickx Oct 27 2020
Lisboa Antigua - Rb V+1+2U 80K Rumba V+1+2 Dierickx Oct 27 2020
Do it Do it Again - A Far L'amore Comincia Tu 51K Cha Cha V+2 Dierickx Oct 27 2020
Every Morning 68K Cha Cha IV+1 Simpson Oct 12 2020
Wooden Heart 137K Two Step II+2 Sanders Oct 09 2020
Bring Me Sunshine 132K Two Step II Sanders Oct 09 2020
Rockin' Jukebox 158K Two Step II+1 Sanders Oct 09 2020
Starting New Memories Today 61K Waltz IV Dierickx Sep 28 2020
Siempre 30K Rumba V+1+2 Dierickx Sep 28 2020
Sentimiento 39K Cha Cha V+1+3 Dierickx Sep 28 2020
Playa Silencio 66K Rumba IV+1 Dierickx Sep 28 2020
It's a Cowboy Lovin' Night 59K Foxtrot IV+2 Dierickx Sep 28 2020
How Do You Start Over 69K Waltz IV+U Dierickx Sep 28 2020
Harbor Lights 70K Bolero IV+2+3 Dierickx Sep 28 2020
Happy Birthday Teddybear 55K Two Step II+1 Dierickx Sep 28 2020
Forget You 71K Foxtrot IV+2 Dierickx Sep 28 2020
Happy Rumba 163K Rumba III+1 Sanders Sep 27 2020
Whoopee Cha 101K Cha Cha III+1 Sanders Sep 27 2020
Quick Joey Small 88K Two Step/Single Swing III Simpson Sep 08 2020
Une Petite Cantate 65K Slow Two Step V+3U Dierickx Aug 25 2020
Solamente Una Vez 65K Rumba V Dierickx Aug 25 2020
Si Dios Me Quita La Vida 25K Rumba V+U Dierickx Aug 25 2020
Red Roses for a Blue Lady 59K Foxtrot/Jive IV+1 Dierickx Aug 25 2020
Quien Sera 81K Cha Cha V+1 Dierickx Aug 25 2020
My Song 32K Foxtrot IV+2+1 Dierickx Aug 25 2020
Linda 51K Waltz IV Dierickx Aug 25 2020
I'll Need Someone to Hold Me (When I Cry) 56K Foxtrot IV+1 Dierickx Aug 25 2020
Come Back to Sorrento 75K Waltz IV+U Dierickx Aug 25 2020
The Breakup Dance 73K Single Swing/Two Step III+1 Simpson Aug 14 2020
Irish Green 21K Waltz II Dierickx Jul 28 2020
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