Recent Uploads

Upload cue sheet Size Rhythm Phase Choreographer Date posted
Along Came Jones 115K Two Step II+1 Booz Sep 28 2018
Boogie Oogie Oogie 111K Cha Cha IV Booz Sep 27 2018
The Shadow Of Your Smile 34K Rumba V Dierickx Sep 26 2018
Should I 25K Cha Cha IV+2+2 Dierickx Sep 26 2018
Pal Of My Cradle Days 27K Waltz IV+U Dierickx Sep 26 2018
Nochecita 25K Slow Two Step V+3U Dierickx Sep 26 2018
Maria Reina Del Mar 23K Rumba IV+1 Dierickx Sep 26 2018
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 27K Slow Two Step/Jive IV+1+3 Dierickx Sep 26 2018
Estasi 3 23K Waltz III+1 Dierickx Sep 26 2018
Are You Still Mine 26K Foxtrot IV+2 Dierickx Sep 26 2018
Carnival (Corrected) 22K Rumba IV+1 Dierickx Sep 26 2018
I Will Wait For You 3 67K Foxtrot III+2 Race Sep 21 2018
Run Around Sue corrected 114K Two Step II Seurer Sep 20 2018
It's Not Too Late 209K Foxtrot IV Woodruff Sep 18 2018
You Will Never Grow Old 202K Waltz III+1 Woodruff Sep 18 2018
Lullaby of Broadway 53K Foxtrot III+2 Floden Sep 16 2018
But It's Alright 194K Cha Cha IV+U Dale and Leslie Simpson Sep 11 2018
You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch 97K Foxtrot V Cavness Aug 30 2018
Why Don't You Do Right 124K Two Step II+2+1 Cavness Aug 30 2018
Who Was That Stranger 17K Two Step II+2 Dierickx Aug 30 2018
The Queen of Hearts 21K Bolero IV+2 Dierickx Aug 30 2018
Melody For An Angel - Melodie Fur Ein Engel 24K Rumba V Dierickx Aug 30 2018
Elisabethan Serenade 22K Waltz/Bolero III Dierickx Aug 30 2018
Drigo's Serenade 23K Waltz V+U Dierickx Aug 30 2018
Can't Stop The Music 22K Cha Cha/Rumba IV+1+3 Dierickx Aug 30 2018
Bygone Days 25K Waltz IV+2+1 Dierickx Aug 30 2018
Return To Moon River 78K Waltz II Cavness Aug 27 2018
Try To Remember 76K Waltz II Cavness Aug 27 2018
Nightwind 84K Waltz II Cavness Aug 27 2018
It's Not Easy 106K Foxtrot III+2 Cavness Aug 27 2018
Marshmallow World Foxtrot 134K Foxtrot III+1 Seurer Aug 22 2018
I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus 138K Two Step II Seurer Aug 22 2018
Hanky Panky 88K Two Step II Canvess Aug 22 2018
Biagina 90K Waltz IV+2 Cavness Aug 22 2018
Some Beach Cha 134K Cha Cha III Seurer Aug 16 2018
Teddy Bear Song 157K Two Step II Palmen Aug 16 2018
You'll Be the One 50K Bolero IV+2 Hilton Aug 04 2018
The Winding Stream 42K Waltz II Hilton Aug 04 2018
Remember Your Smile 53K Waltz V+U Hilton Aug 04 2018
Minion Mambo 48K Mambo IV+U Hilton Aug 04 2018
I Overlooked An Orchid 40K Foxtrot III+2 Hilton Aug 04 2018
Boom Clap 5 46K Cha Cha V+U Hilton Aug 04 2018
Boom Clap 3 46K Cha Cha III+2+1 Hilton Aug 04 2018
Baby Beluga 37K Two Step III Hilton Aug 04 2018
Sella Il Vento 80K Waltz VI Moore Aug 04 2018
Knock Knock 90K Single Swing V+2+3 Hilpert/Pohl Aug 03 2018
Ojos Queridos 26K Tango V+2+1 Hilpert/Pohl Aug 03 2018
Takes 2 To Tango 141K Tango V+U Hilpert/Pohl Aug 03 2018
Full Up Above Head 15K Two Step II Burdick Jul 30 2018
Youre A Lovely lady 25K Foxtrot IV Dierickx Jul 29 2018
Vuelve A Mi 54K Rumba V+1+2 Dierickx Jul 29 2018
Valse Pour Mandoline 4 21K Waltz IV+1+1 Dierickx Jul 29 2018
Valse Pour Mandoline 3 16K Waltz III Dierickx Jul 29 2018
The Other Side Of The Hill 20K Two Step/Cha Cha IV Dierickx Jul 29 2018
The First Hello 26K Bolero IV+2 Dierickx Jul 29 2018
Naughty Lady of Shady Lane 21K Cha Cha IV+1+1 Dierickx Jul 29 2018
You Are My Daily Miracle - Du Bist mein T├Ąglisches Wunder 32K Rumba/Cha Cha V+1 Dierickx Jul 29 2018
Stuck On You Waltz 207K Waltz IV Heiny Jul 13 2018
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