Recent Uploads

Upload cue sheet Size Rhythm Phase Choreographer Date posted
Clementine 146K Two Step II+1 Sanders Feb 13 2019
For Valerie 211K Waltz IV+1 McCue Feb 01 2019
Green Door Jive 195K Jive IV+1 Kennedy/Casidy Jan 31 2019
Love's Gotta Hold of Me 184K Rumba IV+2+1 Armstrong Jan 31 2019
Some Girls 105K Two Step II Tulloch Jan 31 2019
My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You 210K Foxtrot IV+U Bates/Lee Jan 31 2019
Wonders Of Life 47K Slow Two Step V+3U Dierickx Jan 25 2019
Waltzer Der Liebe 4 50K Waltz IV Dierickx Jan 25 2019
The Way You Look Tonight 84K Foxtrot IV+2 Dierickx Jan 25 2019
Only Dreamers 43K Rumba/Cha Cha V+3U Dierickx Jan 25 2019
Lovers Chain 3 46K Foxtrot III+1+1 Dierickx Jan 25 2019
Loco-Motion 51K Cha Cha V+1 Dierickx Jan 25 2019
Jenny My Love - Rb V+1U 78K Rumba V+U Dierickx Jan 25 2019
Blue Canadian Rockies - Sw III+1 64K Waltz III+1 Dierickx Jan 25 2019
Tangled Up 171K Mixed IV Woodruff Jan 22 2019
Dancin' Like Lovers 68K Waltz IV+2 Kincaid Jan 21 2019
Our Anniversary 187K Waltz II+1 Nickel Jan 13 2019
Arrivederci Roma - Corrected Phase 43K Cha Cha V Dierickx Jan 12 2019
Caribbean Sunset 139K Rumba V Preskitt Jan 03 2019
Chanel 4 132K Waltz IV+2 Preskitt Jan 03 2019
For Your Eyes Only 154K Rumba III+2 Ahart Jan 03 2019
Goodbye 96K Slow Two Step IV+U Parker Jan 03 2019
I Can't Tell You Why 135K Bolero III+2+1 Townsend/Manning Jan 03 2019
Let's Get Away From It All 44K Foxtrot IV Johnson Jan 03 2019
Lighthouse Waltz 130K Waltz III+2 Davenport Jan 03 2019
Never Say Goodbye 89K Waltz I Beaulieu Jan 03 2019
Tico Tico Mambo 156K Mambo IV+2U Kincaid Jan 03 2019
Everything That Touches You 181K Slow Two Step III+2 Byars Jan 03 2019
Feel It Still 185K Two Step II+1 Byars Jan 03 2019
Kindred Spirits 237K Bolero IV+U Gloodt Jan 03 2019
Life Is A Slow Dance 88K Waltz IV+2 Worlock Jan 03 2019
Mi Lugar Es Contigo 181K Rumba IV Byars Jan 03 2019
Never Let Me Go 37K Waltz V+2 Gloodt Jan 03 2019
Rhumba Girl Does The Cha 199K Cha Cha III+1 Byars Jan 03 2019
Stronger 130K Cha Cha III+2 Townsend/Manning Jan 03 2019
Vertical Expression (of Horizontal Desire) 111K Rumba III+2 Dean Jan 03 2019
Waltzing On Top Of The World 52K Waltz II Bitter Jan 03 2019
The One I Loved Back Then 83K Two Step II+2 Eastling Jan 03 2019
Woman Back Home 81K Two Step II+2 Townsend/Manning Jan 03 2019
White Christmas 133K Two Step II+2 Townsend/Manning Jan 03 2019
Best Of My Love, The 21K Rumba III+2 Townsend/Manning Jan 03 2019
Theresa 150K Cha Cha III Grunder Jan 03 2019
Esta Noche III 143K Rumba III Grunder Jan 03 2019
Birthday Cha III 142K Cha Cha III+1 Grunder Jan 03 2019
Ring of Gold - Corrected 16K Waltz II+2 Dierickx Jan 03 2019
True Cha Cha III 201K Cha Cha III Woodruff Dec 29 2018
Once Upon a Dream 196K Foxtrot IV Woodruff Dec 29 2018
Once Upon a Dream 196K Foxtrot IV Woodruff Dec 29 2018
The First Hello - Bol IV+2 26K Bolero IV+2 Dierickx Dec 26 2018
Take Me In Your Arms - Sw V 26K Waltz V Dierickx Dec 26 2018
Ring of Gold - SW II+2 16K Waltz II+2 Dierickx Dec 26 2018
Petite Melodie -Small Melody - S2S IV+1+1U 20K Slow Two Step IV+1+1 Dierickx Dec 26 2018
Once Upon A Dream - Sf IV 22K Foxtrot IV Dierickx Dec 26 2018
Maria Bonita - Cc V+1+U 24K Cha Cha IV+1+3 Dierickx Dec 26 2018
Arrivederci Roma - Rb V+1U 30K Rumba V+U Dierickx Dec 26 2018
Come and Get Your Love 168K West Coast/Jive V Simpson Dec 19 2018
Aspenglow 80K Waltz II+2 Chadd Dec 05 2018
Angel Waltz 114K Waltz III Chadd Dec 05 2018
Amor No Te Vayas Nunca 25K Bolero V Dierickx Nov 24 2018
Elegia 4 27K Waltz IV+1 Dierickx Nov 24 2018
Honky Tonk Angels 28K Slow Two Step IV+1+3 Dierickx Nov 24 2018
I Do It All Over Again 25K Foxtrot IV+2 Dierickx Nov 24 2018
La Gloria 4 22K Rumba IV Dierickx Nov 24 2018
La Gloria 5 23K Rumba V+U Dierickx Nov 24 2018
Right Now 21K Two Step III Dierickx Nov 24 2018
Youre a Loving Lady 25K Foxtrot V Dierickx Oct 30 2018
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