Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Foxtrot
Phase III+1
Choreographer: Esqueda


  [CP CLW]  Wait 2 meas;;  Bk Hover;  Manuver;

  [CP RLOD]  Spin Turn; Box Finish;  2 LF Turns;;  [CP Wall]
  Whisk;  Wing; Trn Lf & Chasse Bjo;  Impetus SCP;  
  Promenade Weave;;  Hover SCP;  Thru Chasse SCP;
  Thru Chasse BJO;  Manuver;  Impetus SCP;  Slow Chair - Slow Rec;

  [SCP DLC]  Promenade Weave;;  Fwd Run 2 to SCP; Hover Fallaway;
  Slip Pivot;  Manuver; 2 RF Turns [Wall];;
  Lf Turning Box;;;;  Bover SCP;  In & Out Runs;;  Manuver;

  [CP RLOD]  Spin Turn;  Box Finish;  Dip Bk & Twist;

Sequence: O-A-B-A-B-X

This head cue card was contributed by Sharon and Casey Parker, who cue for the Penny Arcades round dance club in Manteca, California.

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30 July 1999

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