Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Bolero
Phase V+2
Choreographer: Weiss
Date Published: 7/1/98


  CP Wall - Wait 2 meas;;  S Hip Rocks  (L-R; L-R);;

  Trning Basic (CP COH);;  Cross Body (CP Wall);  Hip Lift (BFLY);
  Shlder to Shlder (2X);;  New Yorker; Lunge Break;
  Left Pass (fc COH);  Hrsesh Trn (2X) to CP COH;;;; Hip Lift; 
  Cross Bdy (CP Wall);  Fwd Basic;

  Aida - Aida Line w/Hip Rocks;;  Fc & Spt Turn;  Fwd Break;
  Rt Pass (Hndshk Fcg COH);   1/.2 Moon;;
  Start 1/.2 Moon (BFLY Wall);  Aida - Aida Line w/Hip Rocks;;
  Face w/Hip Rocks;  Open Break;  
  Fwd to Varsou & Mod Balina Wheel;;  Shad New Yorker;
  Time Step - W Trans to face (BFLY Wall); 

  Double Hand Opng Outs;;;;  New Yorker;  Rev Underarm Trn;
  Underarm Trn;  Lunge Break;  
  Cont. Nat Top (CP COH);;;  Hip Lift (BFLY COH);
  Shlder to Shlder (2X);; (CP COH)  Trning Basic;;

  Trning Basic (FC COH);;  Hip Rcks (SQQ);
  Sway R, Rec to Prom Sway;  Chg Sway to Oversway & Hold;

Sequence: O  -  A - B - C - B - C - X

This head cue card was contributed by Sharon and Casey Parker, who cue for the Penny Arcades round dance club in Manteca, California.

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27 September 1998

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