Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Two Step
Phase III
Choreographer: Procter


  Wait in SCP LOD  - Three long notes

  [SCP]  Walk Manuv;  Pivot 2;  Twist 2;  Chasse [BJO];  
  Rk Fwd, Rec;  Bk Twostep;  Rk Bk, Rec;  Walk 2;  
  Scissor [SCAR]  Step/Step;; Scissor Thru [SCP] Step/Step;  
  **  2 Qk Fwd Twosteps;  Pivot 2;  Twirl 2;

  [CP LOD]  Walk 4;;  2 LF Turns (SQQ);;  
  Hitch 4;  Walk 4;  1 LF Turn (SQQ); 1/2 Box Bk (SQQ);   
  Hitch 4;  [1/2 OP]  Slow Fwd - W Across QQ;;  
  Slow Fwd - W Across QQ;;  Twisty Vine 6 & Sd Cls;;;; 
  Box (Sdwrd);; Slow Dip & Rec;;  Pivot 2;  Twirl 2;

  **  Sd Cls;  Sd Corte;;

Sequence: O-A-B-A-B-A**-X

This head cue card was contributed by Sharon and Casey Parker, who cue for the Penny Arcades round dance club in Manteca, California.

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30 July 1999

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