Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Waltz
Phase V+
Choreographer: Lamberty


  (BFLY wall)  Wait 1 meas;  Roll 3;  Thru Chasse SCP;  
  Chair Rec Slip;

  Open Telemark;  Thru Chasse BJO;  Manuv;  Spin Turn;  
  Box Finish;  Curving 3-stp; Bk Chasse BJO; Manuv;  
  Open Imp;  Weave 6 BJO;  Manuv (undr);  
  Outside Chg SCP;  Curved Feather Check;  Outside Chg to SCP;

  Double Reverse;  Open Tele;  Ripple Chasse; Open Natural;
  Outside Spin & Twist to SCP;;  Viennese Cross;  Hover Corte; 
  Back Whisk; Sync Vine;  Thru Rising Lk;  Clsd Tele; 
  Manuv;  Pivot to Hairpin; Outside Chg to SCP;
  Thru Chasse to SCP;  
  **Chair Rec Slip;

  **Slow Chair

Sequence: O-A-B-A-B**-X

This head cue card was contributed by Sharon and Casey Parker, who cue for the Penny Arcades round dance club in Manteca, California.

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30 July 1999

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