Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Tango
Phase IV
Choreographer: Martin
Date Published: 10/98
Speed: 45 rpm


  Wait 2 meas;;  [OP fac LOD] Roll apt 3;  Cross Pt 2X;  
  Cross Tch (to SCP DLW);  Prom Basic to CL;

  (CP LOD)  CL Basic;;  CL Bas to Prom;;  PromBas to CL;;  Walk 2;
  Rk 3;  Rk 3;  Tango Draw;
  Walk 2; Rev Trn w/Corte End; Rec - Rev Trn w/Corte End - Rec ;;
  Tango Draw;  CL Basic to Prom;;
  Walk 2;  Turn In to LOP;  Fwd Fan - Pickup;  Tango Draw; 
  Walk 2;  Open Rev w/ Outside Swivel;  Pickup - Open Rev w/
  Outside Swivel w/ Pickup;;; Tango Draw
  Walk 2;  Open Rev;  Open Finish;  Tango Draw;  CL Basic to Prom;;
  Fwd Manuv; Pvt 3 to SCP - Slow Manuv;;  
  Pvt 3 to SCP - Slow Pickup;;  Tango Draw;  Corte - Rec;  

  Tango Draw;  Corte w/Leg Crawl

Sequence: O-Dance-Dance-X

This head cue card was contributed by Sharon and Casey Parker, who cue for the Penny Arcades round dance club in Manteca, California.

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30 July 1999

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