Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Jive
Phase IV
Choreographer: Nelson


  (LOP fc LOD)  Wait 1 meas;

  (In place) Swivel 2 slows;  Chicken Walk 4 Qks;  
  Chg L to R ~ Rt Trng Fallaway;;;  
  Lf Trng Fallaway ~ Amer Spin;;;  
  Windmill 2X;;; Rk Apt Rec  Sd Cls;  

  (BFLY wall)  Traveling Sand Steps 3X;;;  Prog Rk;  
  Away Kick Fc Tch 2X (pt the 2nd);;  Sailor Shuffles 2X ;;  
  Spanish Arms 2X;;;  Rk Apt Rec Kick Ball/Chg;

  (SCP LOD)  2 Fwd Triples;  Rk Boat;  2 Fwd Triples;  Swivel 4;
  Throwaway;  Chg L to R (to handshake) ~ Miami Special;;;  
  Shoulder Shove ~ Chg Hnd Bhd Bk (fc LOD);;;** Rk Apt Rec Sd Cls;

  **Rk Apt Rec Wrap 2;  Slow Pt Sd and lower;

Sequence: O-A-B-C-A-B-C**-X

This head cue card was contributed by Sharon and Casey Parker, who cue for the Penny Arcades round dance club in Manteca, California.

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5 August 1999

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