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Apple Jacks & Jills Placerville WednesdayWed 2019 September
Capital City Squares Sacramento WednesdayWed 2017 September
Diamond Dancers Galt Monday, TuesdayMon, Tue 2017 September Mondays
Goldancers Grass Valley ThursdayThu 2017 September
Mavericks Roseville Monday, WednesdayMon, Wed 2017 September Mondays
Overalls Citrus Heights MondayMon 2017 September
San Gabriel Valley B&B's Arcadia Sunday, ThursdaySun, Thu 2017 September Sundays
Rancho Cucamonga B&B's Rancho Cucamonga TuesdayTue 2017 September
Valley Twirlers El Cajon TuesdayTue 2022 September
Boots & Slippers Merced MondayMon 2023 January
Turlock Steppin Pards Turlock WednesdayWed 2017 September
Calico Quails Yucaipa WednesdayWed 2018 January
Grape Stompers Temecula MondayMon 2017 September
Riverside Single Swingers Grand Terrace TuesdayTue 2017 September
Thunderbirds Apple Valley TuesdayTue 2017 September
Blue Jay Squares Hesperia ThursdayThu 2017 Ongoing
Chico Diamond Dancers Chico MondayMon 2017 August
Caper Cutters San Francisco MondayMon 2017 January
Clutch Busters Concord ThursdayThu 2018 September
Delta Squares Oakley WednesdayWed 2017 August
Martinez Swingers Martinez TuesdayTue A1-A2
Roadrunners San Mateo TuesdayTue 2017 September
Swinging 21ers Fremont TuesdayTue 2017 September
Tam Twirlers San Rafael WednesdayWed 2017 September
Eric's Eagles San Rafael ThursdayThu 2017 September
Twin City Steppers Suisun City TuesdayTue 2018 January
Vallejo Pioneers Vallejo MondayMon 2017 August
Double SD's Vista TuesdayTue 2017 September
Ocean Wavers Vista ThursdayThu 2017 January
Sandpipers Encinitas TuesdayTue 2017 September
Wranglers San Diego ThursdayThu 2017 April
Whirlaways Escondido MondayMon 2017 September
Foggy City Dancers San Francisco MondayMon 2017 September
Jackson Claim Jumpers Jackson MondayMon 2017 September
Oaktown 8's Oakland WednesdayWed MainstreamMS, Plus
Singles and Pairs Santa Rosa WednesdayWed 2017 September
Stanford Quads Palo Alto SundaySun Plus APD
Rockin' Jokers San Jose WednesdayWed 2017 January
CPSD San Jose ThursdayThu 2017 September
Bows & Beaus Los Altos WednesdayWed 2017 January
Sunnyvale Squares Sunnyvale Tuesday, ThursdayTue, Thu 2017 September Tuesdays
Circulators San Diego FridayFri 2017 September
Finest City Squares San Diego WednesdayWed 2017 September
Ruffles 'n Beaus San Diego SundaySun 2017 September
Single Spinners San Diego ThursdayThu 2017 August
Sundown Dancers La Mesa, Lemon Grove Sunday, WednesdaySun, Wed 2017 September Sundays
Ramblin Rogues Mission Viejo FridayFri 2017 September
Bloomin' Squares Sunland, Tujunga Sunday, WednesdaySun, Wed 2017 Spring Wednesdays
Buckles and Bows Thousand Oaks SaturdaySat 2017 September
Buttons & Bows Anaheim SaturdaySat 2017 September
Church Mice Garden Grove SaturdaySat 2017 September
Farmers and Charmers Northridge SaturdaySat 2017 August
Guys and Dolls Los Angeles Thursday, FridayThu, Fri 2017 Ongoing Thursdays
Happy Squares Simi Valley SaturdaySat 2017 September
Heels and Souls West Los Angeles FridayFri 2017 September
Ichabod Squares Orange MondayMon 2017 January
Major Keys Whittier ThursdayThu 2017 September
Orange Coast Lariats Orange SaturdaySat 2017 September Thursdays
Ramblin' Rogues Mission Viejo FridayFri 2017 September
Red Ribbons Santa Monica SaturdaySat 2017 September
Shirts & Skirts Anaheim SaturdaySat 2017 January
Sierra Hillbillies Santa Clarita SundaySun 2017 September
Trail Dusters Northridge, Calabasas Wednesday, SaturdayWed, Sat 2017 September Wednesdays
Valley Trailers Northridge Tuesday, SaturdayTue, Sat 2017 September Tuesdays
Sets In Step La Canada FridayFri 2017 September
Redwood Rainbows Sebastopol Monday, Tuesday Thursday, SaturdayMon, Tue Thu, Sat 2017 September Mondays
Golden State Squares Santa Ana WednesdayWed 2017 September
Boots and Slippers Rounds Simi Valley TuesdayTue 2017 September


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