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Type in a word or two from the dance name, choreographer last name, rhythm, or a combination of them.

Case. Entries are not case insensitive. Waltz is the same as waltz.

Phases: Use I, II, III, IV, V, VI.

Enter the least information required to find your dance. If you're looking for Fools Fall In Love, just Fools is enough. If you get too many results, then add another search term.

Be careful specifying both dance name and phase. The dance may not be the phase you think it is. Or the database might be wrong.

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4 matches found.

Samba Volare SambaSamba IV+1 Ito SambaSamba, IV+1, Ito

Samba Volare

SambaSamba, IV+1, Ito

Volare Cha ChaCha III+1 Baldwin Cha ChaCha, III+1, Baldwin


Cha ChaCha, III+1, Baldwin

Volare Cha Cha ChaCha V Pinks Cha ChaCha, V, Pinks

Volare Cha

Cha ChaCha, V, Pinks

Volare III Cha ChaCha III Baldwin Cha ChaCha, III, Baldwin

Volare III

Cha ChaCha, III, Baldwin

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