Theme Dances

Dance nameRhythmPhaseChoreographer
All His ChildrenWaltzIII+1Dammeir
All His ChildrenWaltzIVSmelser
Amazing GraceWaltzIII+2Doi
Amazing GraceWaltzVDoi
Amazing GraceWaltzII+1Mitchel
Amazing GraceWaltzIVScherrer
Amazing GraceWaltzIVDufrene
Amazing Grace--Takasaki
Amazing Grace JiveJiveIV+1Speranzo
Angels Don't FlyWaltzII+1Speranzo
Bells of AngelusWaltzIII+2Matthews
Blessed Time Up There--Knight
Chapel By the SeaTwo StepII+UChristiansen
Chapel By the SeaFoxtrotIVTennant
Chapel FoxtrotFoxtrotIIIWade
Chapel Of LoveRumbaIV+2Helm
Faith Walk--Seurer
Goin' To The ChapelTwo Step/FoxtrotIII+2Chico
He Touched MeWaltzIIScherrer
I'll Fly Away--Hilburn
In The GardenWaltzIIKline
In The GardenWaltzIII+1Kline
Jesus Is Your TicketJiveIIIScherrer
Just A Closer WalkTwo StepII+1Frisella
Just A Closer Walk With TheeSlow Two StepIV+1+1Woodruff
Just A Little Talk With JesusTwo StepII+1Hilton
Let Me Be ThereTwo StepII+1Apostal
Let Me Be There--Young
Love Lifted Me--Healea
Maiden's PrayerJiveIII/IVDoi
Mary's Boy ChildSlow Two StepIVHamilton
Mary's Boy ChildCha Cha/BoleroIVWoodruff
Mary's Boy ChildCha ChaIII+2+1Tevlin
Memories Are Made Of ThisFoxtrotIVGuenthner
Memories Are Made Of ThisFoxtrotIIIJestin
Memories Are Made Of ThisFoxtrot-Juhler
Memories Are Made Of This FTFoxtrot-Koozer
Memories Are Made Of This JVJive-Koozer
Memories Are Made Of This STSSlow Two StepIII+2Chico
Rock of Ages--Hilton
The Old Rugged Cross--Hilton
Turn Your Radio OnTwo StepII+1Baldwin
Weapon of PrayerWaltzIII+1Yakimowski
Whispering HopeWaltzIIWade
Whispering HopeWaltzIII+2Scherrer
Wind Beneath My WingsRumbaIII+2Buck
Wind Beneath My WingsRumbaIII+2Powell
Wind Beneath My WingsRumbaV+1Buck
Wind Beneath My WingsRumbaIII+2Paull
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