Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Slow Two Step/Two Step
Phase IV
Choreographer: Jim and Adele Chico

Sequence:  Intro *A B C D A B C D* End

INTRO (Low Bfv LOD):

  Wt 'darllng'-Start On 'you'- Hip Rks L & R (SQQ);; (Go To *)

A (Low BFY LOD) (STS):

  Tvlg Crs Chsses;; *Tvlg Crs Chsses BFY Wall;;
  Slo Sd,, Beh, Trn Awy; Slo Sd,, Beh, Tn In To BFY;
  Sd Basic; Op Basic To Fc LOD;

B (1/2 Op LOD) (STS):

  Fwd,, Run 2 Op; Fwd Wrp (SQQ); Swthrt Runs To BFY;;
  Sd Basic; Op Basic; Swtchs To SCP;; (Jn Ld Hnds)

C (SCP) (TS):

  Lace X; Fwd 2 Stp; Lace Bk To Wrpd; Roll X & Rewrp;
  Fwd 2 Stp; Circ PU; Dip & Rec Fc Wll; Vin 4 W/Pu Lo BFY;

D (Low Bfv LOD) (STS):

  Pass X Chsse; Bktvlg X Chsse; Bk Tvlg X Chsses BFY;;
  Undrm Tn; M Undrm Tn BFY; Lng Basic,* 2X W/PU Lo Bfy;


  Rk Sd, Rec, Crs, Pt LOD;
(45- Rpms)
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