Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Rumba
Phase III+1
Choreographer: Jim and Adele Chico
Record: COL 3865

Sequence:  Intro   A  B  C  B  C  A   End


  2 Ms Wt;; Cucha; 2X; (BFY) Chase;;;; (BFY)

A (BFY):

  Basic;; Fnc Lin; 2X; Alem To M's R;; Lriat BFY;; 

B (BFY):

  Basic;; Nyer; 2X; Alem To M's R;; Lriat Open;;

C (Op LOD):

  Sld Dr; Rk Apt, Rec, Fwd; Prog Wk; Sld Dr; 
  Circ Wks Awy & Tog;; (Bol -Bjo); Whl 6 BFY;


  Chase;;;; (BFY) Cucha 4; Sd Wks;; 
  Circ Wks Awy & Tog;;  (CP Wll) 2 Sd Clses; Sd Crte,,,;
(44- Rpms)
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