Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Two Step
Phase II+2
Choreographer: Jim and Adele Chico

Sequence:  Intro   A  A  B  A  B  A*   End

INTRO (Op Fcg):

  2 Meas Wt;; Apt & Pt; Tog & Tch SCP; 
  Wk & Mnvr; Piv 2 To SCP; Twl 2; Wk 2 BFY;

A (BFY):

  Vin 2; Fc - Fc; Vin 2; Bk - Bk To Op;
  Slo Fwd Lk; Wk & Mnvr; Piv 2 SCP; Wk & PU; 
  Slo Sd Cls Scar; Fwd, Lk, Fwd;
  Slo Sd Cls Bjo; Fwd, Lk, Fwd To Fc Wall; 
  2 Trn 2 Stps SCP;; Twl 2;* Wk & Fc; 1 (BFY) 2,3 (CP Wall)

B (CP Wall):

  Strolling Vine;;;; 
  Twisty Vine 4;; Piv 2 To Fc Wall; Slo Sd Cls;
  L Trng Box;;;; 
  Slo Prog Rk To Low BFY;; Hip Bumps L & R;;  


  Wk & Mnvr; Piv 2 SCP; Twl 2; Apt & Pt;
(46 Rpms)
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