Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Waltz
Phase III+1
Choreographer: Jim and Adele Chico

Sequence:  Intro   A  B  C  A*   End

INTRO  (OP Fcg):

  2 Meas Wt;; Apt, Pt,-; Tog, Tch,-; (BFY)

A (BFY):

  Wz Awy & Tog;; Stp, Swg,-; Spn Mnvr;
  Imp SCP; PU To Clsd; Fwd, Pt Fwd,-; Box Fin;
  Diam Trn Scar;;;;
  Twk Bjo; Fwd, Fc, Cls; Twsty 3;* Fwd, Fc, Cls; (CP Wll)

B (CP Wall):

  Hvr SCP; Mnvr; Spn Trn; Box Fin; 
  1 L Trn Fc RLOD; Bk Wz; 1 R Trn Fc LOD; Fc, Sd, Cls;
  Rll 3; Thru, Fc, Cls; Rll 3; Thru, Fc, Cls; (BFY) 
  Wz Awy; Trn In LOP; Bk Wz; Bk, Fc, Cls; (CP Wll)

C (CP Wall):

  Wsk; Thru Chsse SCP; Thru Chsse Bjo; Fwd Fwd/Lk Fwd;
  Mnvr; Bk Bk/Lk Bk; Imp SCP; Thru, Fc, Cls; (CP Wll)
  L Trng Box ;;;; (BFY)
  Bal L & R;; Twl Vin 3; Thru, Fc, Cls; (BFY)

END (Cbjo-DLW):

  Chk Fwd & Kiss,-,-; 
(45- Rpms)
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