Head Cue Sheet

Phase II
Choreographer: Jim & Adele Chico
Record: Ctb 4344
England Swings, By Roger Miller. (Flip Engine Engine #9)

Sequence:  Intro   A  Brg  B  A  C  B  A  A  C*   End


  2 Meas Wt;; Apt,, Pt,; Tog,, Tch Bfy,;

A (BFY):

  Door; 2X; Sd 2 Stp; Thru, Sd, Thru Op;
  Fwd, Lk, Fwd,-; Twice; Scoot; Wk 2 To Bfy;


  Slow Op Vin;; (Bfy)

B (BFY):

  Fc-Fc; Bk-Bk; Lace X; Fwd 2 Stp;
  Lace Bk; 2 Stp To Op; 2 Fwd Lks; Wk 2 To Bfy;

C (BFY):
  Vin 3 Tch; Wrap; Unwrp; Chg Sds Bfy;* 
  Vin 3 Tch; Wrap; Unwrp; Chg Sds Bfy;


  Vin 3 Tch; Wrap, Pt Sd;

(45+ Rpms)

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