Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Rumba
Phase IV+1
Choreographer: Anderson

Sequence:  Intro   A  B  C  B   End


  2 Ms Wt;; Trng Cuchas Wth Arms;; (BFY)

A (BFY):

  Nyer To Wrppd; Prog Wks;; Nyer To Fc; 
  Rev Undrm Trn; Undrm Trn; Cuddls; 2X; 
  1/2 Basic To A; Fan; Alem;; Shld-Shld; 2X;
  Chk Fwd Scar-RLOD, W Dvlp,; Bk Fc Cls Low BFY;

B (Low BFY):

  Hip Rks; Aida; Swch Rk; Spt Trn 1/2 Op;
  Kiki Box;;;; (1/2 Op) 
  Prg Wk BFY; Fnc Lin; Chase 1/2 Tndm;; 
  Cuchas; 2X; Fin Chase To Hndshk;;

C (Hndshk):

  Flrt To LOP Wll;; Nyer Fc LOD; Undrm Trn To A; Lriat;; 
  Prg Wk BFY COH; Cucha To Hndshk; 
  Flrt To LOP COH;; Nyer Fc RLOD; Undrm Trn To A; Lriat;; 
  Prg Wk BFY Wall; Cucha Low BFY; 

END (Hndshk):

  Flrt Shdw-M Trans To A X Lng;;
(45+ Rpms)
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