Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Jive/Foxtrot
Phase IV+2
Choreographer: Jim and Adele Chico

Sequence:  Intro   A  A  B  C  D  B  A  B   End

Intro  (CP Wall):

  2 Ms Wt; Sd, Tch, Chsse RLOD; Rk Bk, Rec, Run 2 To Fc;

A (CP Wall) (JV):

  Throwy; Chg Hnds Beh Bk - She Go/He Go;;;
  Link Rk - Jive Wks;;; Swvl 4 To Fc;

B (CP Wall) (JV):

  Throwy; Chg Plcs L To R (Hndshk) - Trpl Whl;;;;
  Link Rk to fc wall-Rk Bk, Rec to 1 (SCP) 2,3  (CP wall);;

C (CP Wall) (FT):

  Swivel 4 W/PU; Diam Trn;;;; 
  Telmk SCP; Mnvr; Imp SCP; Thru,, Fc, Cls; (CP Wall)

D (CP Wall) (JV):

  Sd, Tch, Chsse RLOD; Chsse Rolls LOD;; 
  Chsse Rolls RLOD;; Rk Bk, Rec, Run 2 To Fc;

END (CP Wall):

  Sd, Tch, Chasse RLOD; Rk Bk, Rec, Run 2 to fc; Apt & Pt;  

(45 Rpms)
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