Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Slow Two Step/Jive
Phase IV
Choreographer: Jim & Adele Chico
Record: A&M 8548

Sequence:  Intro  A  B  A  B  A3  Brg  End 


  2 Meas Wt;; Lng Basics; 2X W/PU;


  Tvlg X Chsse; Passg X Chsse; 
  Bk Passg X Chsse; Tvlg X Chsse To Fc Wall; 
  Sd Basic; Op Basic; Piv 2 To LOD; Dip Bk & Rec;3
  2 Tvlg X Chsses To Fc Wall;; Undarm Trn; Op Basic;
  2 Swchs To Fc;; Qk Twsty 4; Piv 2 To Fc LOD;

B (CP LOD): 

  Drft Apt 2 Trpls; Link Rk - Rk Bk & Rec SCP;;
  2 Pt Stps; Throway; Link To CP Wall;
  Slo Rk Sd & Rec; PU & Run 2;


  2 Tvlg X Chsses Fc Wall;; 2 Qk Sd Rks,,
  Lng Basics;,, 2X W/Mnvr;,, Piv 2 To SCP;,, Wk & PU;,,


  Trple Trvlr (Op Basic Endg) W/PU;;;;
  Trple Trvlr To RLOD (Op Basic Endg);;;;
  2 Swchs To Fc;; Qk Twsty 4; Slo Rk Sd & Rec; (Bfy)
  (Lng Basics; 2X;) Slo Sd Lng & Twst RLOD Tch Fces;

(Omit If Coll 75021) 
(47 Rpms)
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