Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Rumba
Phase V
Choreographer: Childers

Sequence:  Intro   A  B  A  B   End

INTRO (OP Fcg-M's R, W's L Free):

  2 1/2 Meas Wt;;,, Slo Sd R,-; Nyer; Spot Trn;

A (BFY):

  Op Hip Twst; (To A) Fan; Hcky Stk;; (BFY) 
  Alemana;; Hnd-Hnd Wth Spiral; Aida; 
  Swch; Crb Wk 1/2 (RLOD); Rev Undrm Trn; Spt Trn; 
  Nyer 4; Nyer; Op In/Out Runs 1/2; (L 1/2 OP)
  Qk PU, Mnv, Piv 2-W Spiral Fc LOD;

B (Tndm-LOD):

  M Spiral 2-W Rll 3 To Sd By Sd (Fc COH); Shdw Fnc Lin; 
  Slp Piv Fc Rev-W Tran Fc M; Slo Swvls; Lwr & Rise;
  Rll W In; Hcky Stk End To Hndshk; Alemana;; 
  Adv Hip Twst; Fan; Alemana;; 3 Cuddls;;; Spt Trn;


  Ovrtrn Hip Twst-M Tran 2; Sd Lng & Shape;
(46 Rpms)
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