Oklahoma map cover with a buffalo
St. Louis Arch map cover
Iowa rodeo map cover
New England map cover with a church
Delmarva map cover with Natural Arch

From 1948 until 1965, Standard Oil of California published beautiful maps with watercolor covers under the Chevron label. Several of their subsidiaries, such as Standard Oil of Texas, Standard Oil of British Columbia, and the California Oil Company (Calso) also published such maps. These maps are well known, especially in the western states of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, which is Standard Oil of California's core territory.

At the same time, Standard Oil of New Jersey (Esso) also published maps with watercolor covers in several eastern states, and Standard Oil of Kentucky (KYSO) published similar maps in several southern states.

The Shell Oil Company had published multi-panel watercolor covers on their maps in the early 1930s, as did many other map publishers. But their maps were painfully dull in the 1940s and 1950s. During the 1960s, Shell published maps of many U.S. states and cities with photographs on the covers. But in 1972, they began publishing city maps with their own style of watercolor covers. The style is noticeably different from the Chevron, Esso, and KYSO watercolors, especially because of the stroke outlines that appear on the Shell graphics. In 1973, they began publishing state maps with these colors. But after 1974, they stopped this effort. This run lasted only two or three years (two years for state maps, three years for city maps).

The following is a list of maps that I either own or have seen offered for sale on Ebay or other venues.

State MapsScene
Alabama White Pillars, an ante-bellum mansion
Arizona An Indian against purple mesas
Ark.–Louis.–Miss. Tree-shrouded ante-bellum plantation
California Vineyards in the Napa Valley
Del.–MD–Virg.–WV The Natural Bridge in Virginia
Florida The Everglades National Park
Georgia Civil War battlefield
Hawaii Volcanic Mountains
Idaho–Montana Mountains reflected in a wilderness lake
Illinois Canoeing along the Illinois River
Indiana A cave scene
Iowa Rodeo of Sydney
Kentucky–Tennessee Little Pidgeon River in Great Smoky Mountains NP
Maine–NH–Vermont Rural chapel amid Fall foliage
Mass.–Conn.–Rhode Is. Minuteman Statue
Michigan Sable Falls
Minnesota Witch Tree, Lake Superior
Missouri Hogdson Mill in Sycamore
Nevada Silence in a Nevada ghost town
New Jersey Indian King Tavern
New Mexico A view along Highway 70
New York Niagara Falls
North & South Carolina The Tweetsie Railroad in the mountain region
Ohio Winter scene in rural Ohio
Oklahoma Buffalo grazing on the Oklahoma plains
Oregon Bear Lake in the Wallowa Mountains
Pennsylvania Once a battlefield, now a quiet rural scene
Texas Mission San Jose near San Antonio
Washington Mount Shuskan
Wisconsin The Brute River
City MapsScene
Atlanta City Underground
Baltimore Baltimore Washington Monument
Boston Old Ironsides
Chicago Lake Michigan Skyline
Cleveland Terminal Tower
Dallas Downtown Night Skyline
Detroit Downtown
Houston Downtown Skyline with One Shell Plaza
Indianapolis Indianapolis 500 Speedway
Long Beach Sailboats in harbor
Los Angeles Center for the Performing Arts
Miami & Miami Beach Water Scene
Milwaukee Old Milwaukee Days Circus Parade
Minneapolis–St. Paul Minnehaha Falls
New York Metro Lower Manhattan
Oakland–East Bay Cities Bay Bridge in the Evening
Orange County Disneyland
Philadelphia Independence Hall
Phoenix Highway Panorama
Portland Portland with Mt. Hood in the background
San Bernardino–Riverside Mountains and freeway
San Francisco & Peninsula Cable Car
San Jose Aerial view of Civic Center
Seattle Space Needle
St. Louis Gateway to the West Arch
Tampa–St. Petersburg Gasparilla Pirate Festival
Washington DC Capitol Building

Here are a few maps that ought to exist, but I've never seen one:

Alaska, Colorado (Mount Elbert), Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Utah (Bryce Canyon NP), Wyoming, Albany, Fresno (Courthouse or Mall), Spokane (View of downtown), Tacoma (Mt. St. Helens).

Arizona map cover with Indian on horse in front of red rocks
New Mexico map cover with a windmill
Kentucky Tennessee map cover showing Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Washington map cover showing Mount Shuskan
Philadelphia map cover with Independence Hall