PHP and MySQL Projects

by Mark Brautigam

CIS 86: PHP and MySQL at Mission College

Notes for the course I teach at Mission College.

Fall 2014 • Spring 2015 • Fall 2015

The Polyglot Web

This project shows how to do web programming in many languages, including PHP. PHP and MySQL are also used for the back end in the Ajax, JSON, and XML sections of the project.

Summer 2015

Random SVG Art Generator

Generate overlays of random shapes in SVG powered by PHP. Use the resulting graphics as backgrounds.

August 2015

Dynamic Alphabet in PHP

A single PHP file that generates an entire alphabet in SVG, accepting a URL query string to indicate the letter and color to draw.

For my PHP Class • Fall 2014

PNG Shapes Generated in PHP

Demonstrates how you can use PHP to generate binary PNG files using the built-in libraries.

For my PHP Class • Fall 2014

SVG Shapes Generated in PHP

An early rough draft of the slavery animation. Includes frames and timings. Adobe Flash.

For my PHP Class • Fall 2014

My Mission

My objectives, course work, and accomplishments at Mission College.

CA 088 • PHP and MySQL • Fall 2012

My Education

My course work at San Jose State University, UC Santa Cruz, and elsewhere.

CA 088 • PHP and MySQL • Fall 2012

Site Map

A visual site map of this portfolio. See thumbnails of all the design images and icons for all the web site projects.

Summer 2015

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