Your Thoughtful Feedback

Thank you for all your thoughtful encouragement throught the years. Here is a sample.

My wife, Ann, and I are leaders for NCC #181. We've used Mixed-Up Squares / Cuesheets from all over for a number of years and really appreciate the effort that you and others put into developing and maintaining it. We're especially grateful for the new addition of the videos. Since we manage a tape / guest cuer club, having videos to teach and learn from are very valuable. Thank you (and the others) for an outstanding service.

~ Walt Zook, San Antonio, Texas, March 2009

I have been very blessed by finding the chords and lyrics to some of my favorite worship songs on your website ... Thank you and may God grant you peace and joy and success in your career search!! Prayers and Blessings!

~ Angie, October 2007

I was looking up some lyrics and came across your site. I think it's very well done. Easy and clear without unnecessary stuff. Congrats.

~ Katrin, Germany, September 2007

I came across the site when I was trying to find some lyrics to some songs, without typing them up from memory! Thanks for an interesting light hearted read! I love the Bible reading plans, such a clear and readable format.

~ Elizabeth Allford, Missionary in Togo, January 2007

While looking for round dance cue sheets (I was referred to the website by Bob and Eileen Silvia @ Cedarbrook Dance Center), I found your *travel* highlights on your current trip - very interesting. I also found a comment about going to Alaska. FYI, I was there (via motorhome) last summer after attending NSDC in Portland which I noticed you were also at. I currently dance only advanced and some C1. (Frank Lescriener). If you are interested in my experience on the trip to Alaska feel free to contact me.

~ Nick Leary, Duarte, CA, April 2006

My name is Terry and I live with my family in N. India. Just wanted to drop a note thanking you for the lyrics. There are no evangelical churches near us (only 200,000 christians in the whole state of 50+ million - most are Catholics) so we worship in our home. Thank you again and if there is a way we can pray for your job situation, please let us know.

~ Terry, India, March 2006

I just found some song lyrics on your page. Thanks for posting them. I teach high school music, and have students performing both Annie Laurie and To a Wild Rose. We checked out the lyrics for each to get a more sincere interpretation (I hope).

~ John Quigley, Green Bay, Wisconsin, March 2006

Your forms programming skills outstrip mine by miles. I am still a baby at any of the more interesting web coding. Thanks for a great site - we use it tons & recommend it often. Too bad it doesn't generate you any income :(

~ Terri Cantrell, Denver, Colorado, January 2006

I encountered a couple of problems just now with entries on This site has become so huge, it must be a big job to keep errors from creeping in. Thanks for all the work you do.

~ Roy and Janet Williams, January 2006

Thanks for posting Could I Have This Dance VI!!! You and Mary are doing wonderful things. Have a very fulfilling trip.

~ Charlie and Joni Eskin, Sacramento, November 2005

You have done a great job with your site, and yours is the first one I always go to.

~ Don Brown, November 2005

Thanks for all the work you do putting all these CS's up.

~ Roy and Janet Williams, November 2005

Outstanding job.

~ Bill Cook, November 2005

Right! Mark's site is wonderfully eclectic. Want a good recipe for Grasshoppers' Tails? The words to Take me Out to the Ball game? One address: MIXED-UP.COM !!!

~ Annette Woodruff, Belgium, October 2005

Looks good Mark, Thanks for all your hard work.

~ Chuck Hurst, Santa Rosa, October 2005

I have been using your web site to extract cue sheets for some time now and don't have any trouble finding what I want. Keep up the good work, your site is valuable.

~ Dick and Shirley Whyman, Penn Yan, New York, October 2005

You have a very interesting and informative site. I will put up a link to it on the Sierra Hillbillies site. The searches and javascript are something I admire, and hope to do someday. Any suggestions as to how to get started?

~ Dan Dell, Santa Clarita, September 2005

Thanks for a great job and making information available to everyone.

~ Paul Hutchison, August 2005

That was fast!

~ Marlene Humphreys, Reno, Nevada, August 2005

You do a wonderful service, and I'm glad that I am finally able to give you some of our work. Hope all is going well with you, and if you are interested in putting these up great- if not, just let me know not to continue sending them to you.

~ Bill Goss, San Diego, July 2005

Seemed to work perfectly for me! Thanks for this service you are providing!

~ Jim and Carol Tucker, Lincoln, Nebraska, July 2005

Mark &'re WONDERFUL!!!!! Thank you so much for the updates. It gives us an idea of what to expect when the Sacramento group gets back. We'll be waiting for the next installment!

~ Charlie and Joni Eskin, Sacramento, July 2005

I just wanted to thank you for all the daily journals on URDC, it sure helped those of us who couldn't attend. Sounds like you have a very "interesting" time of it--we hope that you and Mary recover and things get back to normal. Thanks again, and we hope to see you soon.

~ Milo Molitoris, July 2005

Thanks for adding our our web page info. You have a great site and it is a wonderful resource for rounddancers. I'm also enjoying your commentary regarding the convention. Wish we could have gone.

~ Donald Gilder, Missoula, Montana, July 2005

We appreciate your wonderful data base of cue sheets. You are the first place we go to search for new material!

~ Pam Prow, Houston, June 2005

I would like to be able to upload cue sheets to your site, which I consider to be the best cuesheet site in the world.

~ Tim and Nana Eum, Dale City, Virginia, June 2005

Thanks Mark for all the work you've put into this site. It makes for a lot of good publicity.

~ Jerry Callen, London, Ontario, June 2005

Mark, I would like to know the fastest way and how to update your website. I am the current Promotions Director for ASDSC. I am trying to get this association to use your website because it has the most info and is easy to use. Great job.

~ John Roloson, April 2005

Certainly do hope to see you DANCING soon. BTW, how's your recovery coming along. Back to "normal" activities? And, thanks for the dedicated site.....our first!

~ Charlie and Joni Eskin, Roseville, California, April 2005

I just found your website. Great! Thanks for your work! We in square dancing appreciate it.

~ Charlotte Pitts, March 2005

Again, thanks for the suggestions and thanks for maintaining a wonderfully useful database for those of us who really need to find cue sheets!

~ Fran Soos, March 2005

I am from Durham, NC and I was looking for cue sheets for dances that may appeal to my dancers. And yes I found quite a few! Thanks for the site.

~ Penny, Durham, North Carolina, February 2005

I think it's wonderful that you are making this available to us all.

~ Lucille, December 2004

Hope you're feeling better, these days --- been reading your journal abit, what a journey you've been having!

~ Don France, San Jose, December 2004

I was just told about your web site and the cue sheets - wonderful, thank you for doing something like this.

~ Douglas Dodge, November 2004

Mark, Once again Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Thanks to your efforts, it's an invaluable resource for *cue sheets*.

~ Susan Lucibello, November 2004

Thank You Mark for all the websites work you are doing. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you.

~ Roger and Josie, San Jose, November 2004

We do appreciate being listed among your clubs and because of that we have had visitors from abroad, primarily from Germany and Japan. Lizz even shared calling one night with a German caller. Being next door to Yosemite Park, we are close enough to have park visitors come by and dance with us. Keep up the good work.

~ Stu Tanner, Bootjack Stompers, Mariposa, California, November 2004

Thanks for all your work in maintaining this website. I hope that you are healing quickly and well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mary.

~ Jim Jones, November 2004

I read through your notebook and enjoyed the humorous description of your accident.... although I don't suppose you thought it was funny at the time. I'm glad to hear that you have a good wife who looks after you so well. It's sort of funny but we may e-talk for years and never know any detail about each other's life... I didn't know whether you were a bachelor or a taxi cab driver or a monk. Your involvement in religion also comes as a great surprise.

~ Annette Woodruff, Belgium, October 2004

Thank you so much for all you hard work in setting up and keeping up your web page. What a resource! Since we have started cueing at festivals we now need to have all the popular dances. Since we have only been in this business for a few years we have been playing catch up. You have made this monumental task much easier. Thank you again!

~ Al and Carol Lillefield, Indiana, December 2003

Greetings from Denmark and congratulations on a great homepage! After attending the iPAC square dance convention 2003, I had the great experience of meeting Mr. Baker, who introduced a group of us youngsters to the concept of Hexagon Squares - a fantastic concept for spicing up a dance! Since then I've made it my "mission" to instruct other dancers in this concept - and other twists to square dancing, that I've found on the Clark Baker homepage. Thank you for making dancing a lot more fun!

~ Maria, Denmark, September 2003

During my baby-pauses, I forgot most of my round dance lessons and refreshed my knowledge at your site. Thank you for this remarkable and instructive site, I bookmarked it and will be back soon.

~ Biggi, Germany, August 2003

We got your site referenced in the San Mateo Times, Oakland Times, etc. as a reference for dancing.

~ Bill Wells, Belmont, California, August 2003

You have a very good resource page! Keep up the great work.

~ Lester House, Mesa, Arizona, August 2003

Wonderful information available for round dancers. I have been looking for a list of movements by phase and rhythm for a long, long time. Thanks.

~ Teresa Everhart, Indianapolis, August 2003

This is with out any doubt the best source for all information pertaining to round dancing and squares. I really don't know how you can keep up with all the information. Here, in the St. Louis area we are very fortunate in having a very good core of R/D cuers. You could dance at least four or five days or nights every week. Thanks again for a super web site.

~ Dave Wiber, Ballwin, Missouri, June 2003

This site is very informative...thank you! I hope to return to round dancing; I see the Chico's have a beginner class in September so I'll be there hoping to find a partner!

~ Pat Ritchie, San Jose, May 2003

Thanks for all your hard work. What a great site!

~ Susan Baker, Grand Ledge, Michigan, April 2003

The "build a custom study list" page is awesome! What a great thing.

~ Tim Learmont, February 2002

Sending Sincerely my Best Regards. Will try to go to USA again this year, was in Tucson April-May, next to California.

~ Roger Nilsson, Gothenburg, Sweden, September 1999

Hi, how are you? Fine I hope. I'm from Vinga Yellow Rockers. I am a basic dancer. I think that square dance is the best that ever happend to me. It's very fun. In Sweden it's about 10,000 who dance. This summer I will go to a summer camp for a week and just dance, with a woman I love. Could it be better? Perheps I will come to USA someday and if I do that I really would come for a dance at your place. Best dance greetings to you.

~ Tommi Frednas, Gothenburg, Sweden, April 1999

Outstanding Web Site!

~ Dick, Monte Sereno, California, April 1999

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