mixed-up squares

Unwrap Concept (A to Z)

Unified List    R
Level    C-3X
Vic Ceder's list    F
Kopman page number    199
Author    Dave Hodson
Date    1985

[any dancer], take your [setup], using [any call] and move out [n]: [any dancer] do [any call] [n] times; others Circulate in [setup] (usually a box) until occupying the [any dancer's] original spot, then do [any call] for a total of [n] Circulates.

Note: do [any call] in the center phantom waves or lines.

Example: from offset boxes (clumps): head man, take your box, using Out Roll Circulates, and move out 3.

a.k.a. Move Out

Example: "lead end, take your trapezoid, using o circulate, unwrap 3"


Before. After.

Example: "lead center, take your once removed box, using 1/4 stable right loop 1, unwrap 3"


Before. After.

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