mixed-up squares

12 Matrix Concept

Unified List    BC LRW
Level    C-3X+
Vic Ceder's list    A
Dave Hodson's list    Boomerang
Dave Wilson's list    2006
Burleson number    3394

12 Matrices come in two varieties: 3x4 and 2x6. 3x4 setups look like Triple Lines or Columns. 2x6 setups look like Triple Boxes. Either may be configured as columns or lines.

In all 12 Matrix setups, those facing out of the grand setup act as leaders, all others do the trailers. part of the call. Reevaluate your position as leader / trailer after each part of the call.

In 2x6 setups the grand ends act as ends, and there are two sets of centers, one on each side.

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Last updated Tuesday 16 August 2011

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