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Clark started dancing in 1974 at MIT's Tech Squares. In 1976, for his undergraduate thesis, Clark wrote a computer program to generate "smooth, flowing, danceable" Plus and Advanced material. He started calling in 1977; in the mid-1980's he developed several computer programs to assist in writing choreography. Currently he calls for a local C3 group and a handful of challenge weekends around the US. He has called in Germany, Sweden, and Japan. He and his wife dance Plus through C3, his younger daughter dances Advanced, and he really enjoys the local contra dance scene.

Clark has been an active member of Callerlab since 1980 and is presently the chairman of the definitions committee and a member of its Board of Governors. His choreographic reputation is for problem solving, technical accuracy, and testing the dancer's knowledge of the basics.

Weekly Schedule

Every Thursday, C3B, 7:30 - 10:00
Call before visiting.

The Challenge Square Dancing Handbook

Written in 1978, this book concentrates on concepts since they were so poorly covered in other square dance dictionaries. It is now out of print and there are currently no plans to reprint. I recommend the Callerlab definitions and the Ceder Chest.

Monster A2

This CD is a complete dance consisting of challenging A2 all position choreography called with energy at a snappy pace. The material will test the skills of experienced and adventurous A2 dancers, while proving very interesting to all dancers through the C3A level. A great exercise for higher level dancers who wish to practice with their A2 or C1 friends. Monster A2 is very danceable, but nobody will walk away bored! We offer a paper entitled Monster A2 which covers the content and application of this CD in greater detail.

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