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Square Dance Call Definitions

Over 1400 challenge level
square dance calls from C1 to C4

Mark Brautigam

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About These Lists


These lists come from various sources. Up to C3B, the lists are maintained by Callerlab, the International Square Dance Caller Association.

C3X and C4 Lists

The C3X and C4 lists are maintained by various C4 callers and dancers. In this project, there are 3 ways of indicating a C3X or C4 call level.

  1. The official level is indicated by Clark Baker's lists.
  2. Vic Ceder also maintains lists of calls he uses at various dances.
  3. The C4 Unified List shows calls used by six different C4 callers.

C3X indicates calls not on any Callerlab list but commonly called at C3 dances.

C3X+ indicates calls that were once on a C3X list but have been deleted.

C4A indicates calls that will be heard at easy C4 dances.

C4B indicates calls that will be heard at hard C4 dances.

Where a call appears in brackets, such as [C4A], this means the call is not on any of Clark Baker's lists, so we show the placement on Vic Ceder's lists instead.

C4 Unified List

The C4 Unified List has six letters BCJLRW which indicate which of the following callers use this call at C4 dances:

B = Clark Baker
C = Vic Ceder
J = Mike Jacobs
L = Lynette Bellini
R = Ben Rubright
W = Dave Wilson

Deprecated List

The Deprecated or Ice Cold list contains calls that should never be heard at C4 dances, but since they were at one time on some list, they ought to be noted. These calls have six letters EFGUZX that indicate why the call is on this list:

E = Vic Ceder's rarely used call list
F = Vic Ceder's never used call list
G = Vic Ceder's defunct call list
U = Lynette Bellini's never used call list
X = Galburt's Glossary C4X list
Z = Clark Baker's C4Z list


Some fields in this database refer to these resources:

  • The Square Dance Encyclopedia, by Bill Burleson, 2002
  • The Handbook of Modern Square Dancing, by Jay King, 1976
  • Glossary of Square Dance Calls, by Lee Kopman, 1971
  • Some calls have links to these web sites:
  • Taminations (animated square dance movements)
  • Vic Ceder's database of square dance lists and definitions
  • Mixed-Up Squares, the site from which this app originated


Square dance definition database © 1988-2023 Mark Brautigam.

  • Thanks to Clark Baker for his lists and also for his Lisp database for most of the diagrams data.
  • Thanks to Kathy Godfrey for the C4 Unified List.
  • Thanks for Vic Ceder for giving me direct links to the definitions on his web site.
  • Thanks to Ben Rubright for allowing me to use his C1 and C2 quick definitions, which weren't in the original release.
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