Web Projects

by Mark Brautigam

Map Art Map

A web port of my Map Art Map Project for iOS. This version loads normal size images from the current server, then loads retina images from my Dropbox account in the background.

Sept. 2014–July 2015

Pixar Film Survey

Vote for your favorite Pixar film! Make your voice heard! This survey is implmented in Perl.

CS 149 • Perl Programming • Ohlone College • Spring 2015

Think Mobile

Responsive site that discusses icon standards, iPad media queries, responsive tables, and performance bottlenecks.

GDES 051 • Mobile Design • Spring 2014

Custom Inline SVG Using JavaScript

A tutorial that uses the Bootstrap framework to implement a responsive design.

GDES 051 • Mobile Design • Spring 2014

Square Dance Dictionary

A dictionary of 1400+ square dance call definitions targeted to mobile devices. Uses jQuery Mobile.

GDES 051 • Mobile Design • Spring 2014

Be Prepared for a Disaster

Responsive site that uses drop-down menus and accordion menus to display information about preparing for earthquakes and hurricanes.

GDES 046 • Web Development • Fall 2012

Girl Power

This responsive site for a student mentoring program uses shadows, tabs, and forms to create a trustworthy presentation.

GDES 046 • Web Development • Fall 2012

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