Information Visualization: Online Resources

Mark Brautigam · October 2016

This is the web bibliography from my research in Information Visualization from around 1997. I updated the list around 2006 and then again recently in 2016. It includes many old links to seminal IV research, but all the links are good as of September 2016. I pulled out all the old bad links for which I could not find any update.

In some cases, while checking links, I found new or updated sources of information, especially for university courses. I tried to put those updated links in a new section at the top.

Note that some links may fall under multiple categories. There are only about 64 links total, but the list seems longer than that because of the duplication.

This list includes only web resources. There are, of course, many more articles to be found in the journals. I did not include these yet. There are about 100 more articles in that list, but I'll have to find it before I can post it.