Introduction to Programming with


Fall 2015

Course Description

This course is an introduction to computer programming. Its primary objective is to teach problem solving using the C++ programming language. Emphasis will be placed on structured procedural programming with an introduction to object-oriented programming.

This course is designed primarily for computer science and related transfer majors, but it is also suitable for non-CS students.

Instructor: Mark Brautigam
Office HoursMondays, NC 2318, 6:30–7:00 pm or 9:05–9:35 pm


The lab session is mandatory. It takes place on the Newark Campus on Monday evenings, 7:00–9:05 pm, in room NC 2318.

Office Hours

Like other part-time faculty, I do not have an office on campus. I will hold office hours either one half hour before class (6:30–7:00 pm) in the classroom, if the classroom is available at that time; or one half hour after class (9:05–9:35 pm).

Contacting Me

Please call me at my number above only in an emergency. I am teaching classes most of the day and evenings, so I rarely answer my phone or even have it turned on. If you are going to miss class for any reason, it is best to send me an email beforehand.

I will probably not check my Ohlone email very often, so it is probably better to send email to my personal email address:


Math 152 (Algebra II) or Math 153 (Intermediate Algebra).


We will be using this free online textbook: The Rook's Guide to C++, which is as good as many other textbooks that cost a lot of money. Most of the other sections of CS 102 are also using this textbook.


Monday evening lab attendance is mandatory. The college has limits on how many classes you can miss without being automatically dropped. Usually you can miss only as many class meetings as there are in one week. For this class, this means you can be dropped after missing only two class meetings. Please consult the official school policies for details. If you are going to miss class, it is best to let me know by email before class starts.

You will turn in all your exams and homework online, and there will be a window of time, so you will never miss an important exam, quiz, or homework due date by missing class. But if you miss class, it is up to you to find out what we covered in class. I usually post any PowerPoint presentations online immediately before or after class.


Lectures and assignments will be posted on Blackboard and you will turn in your homework using Blackboard. Please make sure you know how to use it.

Discussion Board

The discussion board is a way of making sure you get timely answers to questions from me and from your classmates. It is also a way I gauge your participation in the online portion of this class.


The folloiwing schedule is tentative. We may make changes as necessary.

WeekLecture DateDue DateChaptersTopic

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students will acquire the capability to:


There will be programming assignments every week. Reserve 8 hours per week for this class outside of the Monday lab session.


There will be weekly quizzes. The quizzes will be available on Blackboard and they will be scored by the system.


There will be a two-part midterm exam. One part will consist of multiple-choice questions and will be scored by computer. One part will require that you write a working C++ program.

There will be a two-part final exam. One part will consist of multiple-choice questions and will be scored by computer. One part will require that you write a working C++ program.


Grading will be based on these activities:

Weekly assignments25%
Weekly quizzes25%
Midterm exams20%
Final exams20%

Grades will be assigned as follows:

A90 –100
B80 –  89
C70 –  79
D60 –  69
F   0 –  59