Challenge Square Dance Dictionary

An App for Android

by Mark Brautigam

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This project is hosted on GitHub.

You can also download the app directly to your mobile device.


About the app

The assignment was to create an app that uses the ImageView control, some kind of internal navigation, TextView controls, Button controls, Linear and Relative layouts, multiple Android Activities, the OnClickListener, TextField user input, web browser links, and data storage.

This app started as a midterm project that had all the definitions text but no images, internal navigation, or data storage. I added those features in the final version.

The purpose of this app is to serve as flash cards when learning a new level of challenge square dancing. It has these features:

Screen Shots

Home Page
Search Page
Search Results
A List of All Calls
A Definition without Diagrams
Favorites or Bookmarks
A Definition with Diagram
A Closer Look at a Diagram
Navigation Menu
Glossary View
Search by Dance Level
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