Code Projects and Apps

by Mark Brautigam

Android and iOS Apps

  • Challenge Square Dance Dictionary, Android
  • California Square Dance Clubs, iPhone/iPad
  • Map Art Map, iPad

JavaScript Projects

Various JavaScript projects I wrote for CA88 and other occasions, mostly just for fun.

CA 88 • JavaScript Programming • Spring 2013
Mobile Apps at SVCTE • 2015–2018

The Polyglot Web

A web site that shows how to code CGI programs using several different languages and technologies: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Ajax, XML, JSON, C++, C#, Java, Golang, Swift, and others.

May–July 2015

Rounds of the Month

A Perl project that implements a web site and database access for storing and retrieving dances for a dance organization. This project includes slides that explain every module. You can also view the Perl source code.

CS 149 • Perl Programming • Spring 2015

SVG Icons

SVG icons I created by hand in a text editor. Includes some dynamic SVG icons generated at run time by PHP and JavaScript. Also includes a PNG project so we can compare PNG with SVG.

Spring 2015

PNG Shapes Generated in PHP

Demonstrates how you can use PHP to generate binary PNG files using the built-in libraries.

For my PHP Class • Fall 2014

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