Head Cue Sheet

Rhythm: Cha Cha
Phase IV+1
Choreographer: Goss

Sequence:  Intro   A  B  C  A  C*   End

INTRO (Fcg-No Hnds):

  2 Meas Wt;; Sngl Cbns; Sngl Cubn Wth Pt; (Jn Ld Hnds)

A (LOP Fcg):

  1/2 Basic; Fan; Hkystk;; (Jn D Hnds)
  Alemana; (To A); Lariat;; (CP Wll)
  Crs Bdy;; Rev Undrm Trn; Undrm Trn;
  Spt&Tim (M Trn); Tim&Spt (W Trn); (CP COH) Crs Bdy;; (Ld Hnds)

B (LOP Fcg): 

  Chse Pk-A-Boo;;; (Bth Trn); W's Chse Pk-A-Boo;; (W Trn);; 

C (LOP Fcg): 

  Alemana;; Hnd-Hnd; 2X; 
  Brk Bk To Trpl Chas;; Aida Wth Bk Trpl Chas;;
  Swtch To Crb Wks;; Nyer;* 2X;


  (Rb) Nyer/Pt,-;
(44 Rpms)
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