Dam Falls

Tuesday 4 July 2006, 2:00 am

Monday, July 3

This morning we ate a nice breakfast at Elmer's in Walla Walla. After breakfast, Mary decided she is feeling well enough today that we can visit her father, who lives near Portland.

We headed down toward the Columbia River scenic area. We stopped at the Bonneville Dam, but since we had got a late start and the speed limits in Oregon are painfully slow, we got to the dam just after they closed up the last tours. The fish hatchery was also closed, but there are some ponds outside we could still see, including lots of trout and a few large sturgeon.

Somehow we managed to buy lots of stuff at the Bonneville Dam gift shop, even though everything else was closed. How do we always manage to do that?

Getting closer to Portland, we turned onto the side road that goes down to several waterfalls including Multnomah Falls. Mary had never seen these before, and I had not been there since I was a child. Mary took lots of photos. We also took photos of others, and they in turn took photos of us, so we have some neat photos with the two of us and huge waterfalls in the background.

To finish off the day, we visited Mary's dad and his wife in Vancouver, Washington, just across the river from Portland. It was a beautiful night as we sat in the swing on their porch, visiting with them for a couple of hours. The kids next door were setting off fireworks, but this was no match for the lightning storm taking place simultaneously over the Columbia River. We got to watch man's fireworks and God's fireworks at the same time. We all agreed that God's fireworks won out.

OK, I lied, we're not finished yet. After leaving Vancouver, we went through Portland to find a road to the coast. We ended up very late, around 1:00 am, in the little town of Tillamook on the Oregon coast.