Saturday 1 July 2006, 9:43 pm

Saturday, July 1

Today was difficult. Mary was very ill and she slept most of the day while I drove through Glacier National Park. The only glacier we saw was the Jackson Glacier, and it was disappointing, even viewed through the binoculars. It's hard for me to distinguish between a glacier and simple snow pack. In the photographs, they can be distinguished by some "squiggles" on top of the glaciers, caused by the stresses of their extreme weight. But I saw similar "squiggles" on the surrounding snow pack also. Or I was confused. Probably the latter.

I really enjoyed the many narrow waterfalls that dot the road. There is even a section called the "wailing wall" where there are many small waterfalls in a row. But the one I liked the best was a high waterfall that came over several rectangular rocks, through a pipe under the road, then down farther into the gorge. It was very tall even though not very wide.

Tonight we are in Missoula, where we hope to go to a Calvary Chapel or a Vineyard Church tomorrow morning. (There are both in this town.) We're not sure where we'll go from here, but the Lolo Pass is nearby, and this is where Lewis and Clark crossed the Bitterroot Mountains into Idaho. We may follow them, then head down toward the Snake River Canyon in eastern Oregon. Once we get that far, we'll be home in pretty short order ... on the 4th or 5th of July.