Teddy Roosevelt

Thursday 29 June 2006, 9:43 pm

Thursday, June 29

Today, as promised, we visited Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It is a smallish park that includes badlands geology and a good assortment of wildlife. We saw wild horses and buffalo among other things.

Before entering the park, we shopped around the little town of Medora, where we found some small binoculars that we liked. We've looked at several pairs before, including expensive ones in the "discount" shops in New York, but until now we've never found any that we both liked. These were inexpensive enough that we bought two pairs, one for each of us.

Anyway, by chance, it is possible to shove our camera into one eye of the binoculars to get close-up photos. I got close-ups of some buffalo calves nursing. We'll find out later how the photos came out.

After finishing up at this park, we wanted to put as much distance behind us as possible. I wanted to make it to Great Falls, Montana, but we only got as far as Lewistown before we ran out of steam. At the Yogo Inn, we stayed in a very strange inside room that had no windows. They said this would be our "budget" option. Nice to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.