Monday 26 June 2006, 10:28 pm

Monday, June 26

We started about five or six hours from the border crossing at Sault Ste Marie, which takes you over Lake Superior into Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It was a pretty boring drive. We did note that the terrain changed gradually from evergreens to grass plains to rolling hills and back to grass plains again. We did stop at the library in North Bay to check email, and we also went shopping at a local drug store. When we got to the Michigan border, we went shopping again at the Duty Free Store. The border crossing itself was pretty painless but the border guard seemed pretty gruff.

Once back on US soil, we headed west until we've ended up here in Newberry. Since we've taken a more northerly route, we've given up on visiting Detroit, Toledo, Chicago, and Minneapolis. Our next stop will probably be Duluth ... I think there is a fresh water museum there. After that comes Fargo, the largest city in North Dakota, which isn't saying much. (It's actually a nice little university town.) After that, maybe Roosevelt National Park, then Glacier NP in Montana. Mary wants to see the Grand Tetons again, because we didn't get to see much two years ago (too rushed) and we know there are moose there. Finally, we'll end up in Washington State to visit Mary's dad. Almost home!