Intrepid Museum

Wednesday 14 June 2006, 8:41 am

Wednesday June 14

Today we visited the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum on the Hudson River in New York City. It is an aircraft carrier that was used in World War II and survived five kamikaze attacks, two on the same day. She was used in the 1960s to pick up Mercury and Gemini capsules, and in the 1970s she became part of the "Gulf of Tonkin Yacht Club" as she served in Vietnam.

The Museum also includes a Concorde airplane that was disappointing because, while you could go inside, you can't actually go down the aisle or sit down in the nice leather seats. It also includes a submarine, the "Growler," that we didn't tour because we would have had to wait for the next guided tour and we were too tired.

There are also, on the flight deck and in the hangar deck, about two dozen aircraft of the type launched from here over a 30-year period. You could look at the outsides of the planes and read about the distincitve features of each, but you can't really see inside them or get that close to them.

We were tired today after having got up so early yesterday, been sick, etc. so we gave up early today.