New York, Day One, Part One

Monday 12 June 2006, 8:39 am

Sunday, June 11

This morning we went to The Vineyard Church in Morristown, New Jersey. They were finishing up a series on the Da Vinci Code. The sermon was excellent, a lot of meat, lots of information about the development of the New Testament canon. It was a lot of the same kind of information you can find in Geisler and Nix, A General Introduction to the Bible. Pastor Craig is as energetic as he appears to be on the web page.

We got to speak to several people after the service, including Pastor Craig, Carolyn, Suzanne, and at least one or two other gentlemen whose names I can't remember. They all offered excellent advice on how to get into the city. We are about 30 miles out. We were thinking of driving down to Newark, then getting on the train there. But they told us there would be little parking in Newark, and the truck wouldn't be as safe there anyway. They suggested instead using the Morristown station, right here, and parking for free on the street nearby. It takes about one hour to get into the city from here. One person even drew us a map how to get to the train station.

Getting into the city was a snap. Once in Penn Station, we were at a loss how to find the right subway. Penn Station is a central location for NJ Transit, Amtrak, Long Island Railroad, the subway, and other local trains. But everyone there was helpful, and soon we were on the E train headed for the middle east side.

In the Parker Meridien Hotel, there is a recommended hamburger at the Burger Joint. It is a dive hidden away behind the hotel lobby. The hamburgers were wonderful but not distinctive. The fries were OK. The shakes are made from Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Yum!

Not too far away from there, we found Carnegie Hall. No interesting concerts today or this week even. Tours cost $9 but no tours today. We might try to get back here tomorrow.

Walking down Broadway. Mary says this feels like San Francisco but more crowded. I think it feels like San Francisco but just taller (buildings). We look at lots of shows but none grabs us. Ticket prices seem pretty uniform, about $111 per ticket for full view seats. But nothing much seems to be playing tonight ... most of the Sunday shows are 3:00 pm matinees. Someone at church had told us about a place that sells half price tickets. We called Bill T, who we met at church and he actually gave us his phone number. He tells us the half price tickets are at 47th and Broadway. It was really wonderful having someone like Bill to help us out. He really went out of his way to make himself available to us. Pretty soon we had in hand tickets for a 7:00 pm showing of "Chicago" (of "All That Jazz" fame or vice versa). They were $59 each including service charges.

We wandered back up Broadway, stopped at a Starbucks, and went into a few trinket stores and electronics stores. Didn't buy anything, but we're going to buy some gifts tomorrow. (Trinkets, not electronics, so don't get y'all hopes up, now.)

The show was good. We don't go to lots of musicals, so we're not really in a place to judge. I liked the excellent orchestra and the funny story line. Mary had a really good time. We both got to talk to the people sitting near us, and we had nice conversations.

There is more, but we have to go now. We learned how to ride the subway, we went to the Empire State Building. But that will have to wait until later.