National Museum of National Museums

Monday 5 June 2006, 9:34 pm

Monday, June 5

Today we really slept in, but we both needed the sleep. We intended to start seeing the Smithsonian museums. We ended up at the Capitol building. But again, you need tickets that are issued first-come first-served early the morning. The tickets are free, but there will still be a line even if we manage to get up early.

So we started at the National Air and Space Museum. We got through only about one-fourth of the museum before it closed at 5:30 pm. We got through the the section on the history of aviation before WWII and the section on jet aviation.

The Museum of National History stays open later so we went there next. Again, in two hours we got through only about one-fourth of the exhibits. We saw an exhibit about mammals, a short movie about evolution, an exhibit about Sikhs, and an exhibit about Lewis and Clark. The mammal exhibit was like a zoo except that all the animals were stuffed. We will try to get back to this museum to finish it, but we might skip the animals unless the exhibits offer something we didn't already see at the zoo.

Oh, I forgot, we also saw the Ulysses S. Grant memorial and the US Botanic Garden, which Mary loved. She took lots of photos there.

After all this, we found a nice sidewalk restaurant and they really helped us find food we could eat.

Tomorrow, we will set the alarm early and see if we can see some of the sights that require tickets. Before we're done here, we really hope to see: The Holocaust Museum and the Bureau of Printing and Engraving also require advance tickets, but they are lower priority. We've also been told that the Thomas Jefferson building and the Library of Congress are the most beautiful buildings in the city, and we should try to see them.

There is also the National Gallery of Art, but neither of us is into fine art that much. But if tomorrow goes well, we might stay here a few more days and see a lot more.