Saturday 3 June 2006, 9:32 pm

Saturday, June 3

I like the College Park area because it is much nicer than Silver Spring, and not as far out as Laurel. Just inside the Beltway there is a Metro station for UMD. But the Holiday Inn here is overpriced and not that comfortable. Also, Mary was not feeling well today, and when either of us gets worse I like to get us out into a new motel just in case. So we left College Park not knowing exactly where we will end up tonight.

I got Mary to a clinic where we could get medications for her minor infection. The clinic is right next to a Rite Aid where we could fill the prescriptions right away, and as soon as she took them, Mary started feeling better.

We tried to find a less expensive room up in Laurel, and I did have a few coupons. (Before this trip, I thought those books of traveler's coupons were useless; now we use them almost every night. The hotel manager our very first night out in El Monte, California suggested that we use them.) Anyway, there is some kind of jazz festival going on here this weekend, and every room in the Laurel area is sold out. We still have a couple of choices: find something up in the Rockville area, and hop on the train in Bethesda in order to ride into town. Bethesda is a real nice area but the hotels are expensive and we have no coupons for that town. But we have some coupons for Rockville. I also found some coupons for Alexandria on the Virginia side. We ended up at a mediocre but passable motel in Alexandria, where we will stay for a few days.

We used the evening to rest up instead of going into DC. Late in the evening Mary felt well enough to go out and look for a Cold Stone Creamery. This is the best she has felt in a couple of weeks. Looks like the day of rest paid off.