Sunday 21 May 2006, 12:05 am

Sunday, May 21

Today we went to Marietta Vineyard Church. It is a very friendly church and we met a lot of people. The message was also very good. They are doing a series on the Sermon on the Mount, and the specific passage dealt with adultery and divorce. They also had some powerful worship; unfortunately, we knew only one of the songs they sang. After the service we spoke to several people, but we were particularly impressed with one of the worship leaders, who spoke of having lost her husband earlier this year, yet she still overflowed with the love and joy of the Lord.

We found a health food store next to the church, but it was closed. Next door we found an art studio being run by a native American gentleman, who spoke to us for a while. He describes himself as a "storyteller" and he sure did like to talk! He told us one story of a band of indians who were saved by two of their leaders, who volunteered to be arrested and executed under the condition that the rest of their tribe could be allowed to relocate peaceably.

OK, we found an open health food store across the street. We stocked up on healthful junk food (?!??!) and items we can use to make lunch on the road, so we won't have to stop for fast food.

From Atlanta, we headed northeast to Greenville, South Carolina. We didn't really spend any time there, but just passed through, turning northwest to head for Asheville, North Carolina. We want to visit the Biltmore Estate tomorrow.