Mother's Day

Sunday 14 May 2006, 7:50 pm

I haven't been feeling too well this week. I've been very tired, and on Monday I caught a cold. I was pretty messed up on Tuesday, and we bought some medications to stop the coughing and help me sleep. Mary has been doing more than her usual share of the driving, but she's still found plenty of time to read her Bible when I am driving. She is reading about two hours each day, trying to finish her Bible before we return by more than doubling the pace.

Sunday, May 14

Today we went to church at Calvary Chapel Rivergate here in Goodlettsville. It was a much larger church than we were expecting, and we didn't really get to talk to anyone. We were a little disappointed.

We didn't really have a plan today. I told Mary we could just relax or do whatever she wanted because it is Mother's Day. She got to talk to both Matthew and Aaron, which was a real treat for her.

We just drove down to near Chattanooga, then we drove down into Alabama just to see what is there. Basically just a Sunday drive. We saw a sign for a Cast Iron Outlet but we got there just after they closed up for the day. Most everything was closed up on Sunday after 5 pm. We did have a real nice drive, then I got real tired. My intention had been to head east from northern Alabama into northern Georgia, not coming back into Tennessee again. But when I got tired, we decided that we were just a little more than an hour from Chattanooga, and we'd be best to stay there for the night. This was definitely the right decision, as we ended up staying two days in Chattanooga, and it was definitely one of the more interesting places we have stayed on our trip.

After checking into the motel, we wandered across the street to Cracker Barrel to have a late dinner. I said, "Mary, they are playing hymns on the sound system." As we left, I remembered that at Grand Ole Opry they mentioned that CB sponsored a CD of hymns sung by Amy Grant. I asked whether this was the CD they were playing in the restaurant, and we found a copy to buy right there in the store. We haven't listened to it yet. The folks at Cracker Barrel are definitely the friendliest servers we have met so far.

Not sure if I mentioned that at Grand Ole Opry, several of the songs were Christian in nature and several of the musicians were Christians, and several of them made mention of it. I remarked to Mary that we'd never hear comments like those in California.