It's a Secret

Report from Mary

Saturday 15 April 2006, 10:03 pm

I took these comments from some of the emails Mary has sent since we've been away from home. - Mark

Odessa, TX, Saturday April 15

Today we saw the Carlsbad Caverns... we were able to take the walking entrance and enter thru the natural entrance (where the bats do their massive exit every afternoon/evening). It was pretty awesome and a fair decline... over 70 stories worth of decent to the main cavern-room... and take the elevator back up. Tonight we're in Midland, Texas. We have to report next Thursday to Mississippi.

Yes, the visit with Rosabelle was great. She's still not communicative and you can tell she's 'searching' in her mind... but her physical demeanor etc were a blessing to see... far better than a few years back. I feel bad not writing snail-mail to you... but DO get us an addy as soon as you do know a 'good' one.

Last night we drove from Santa Fe to Roswell, the "UFO Capital". We didn't see any UFOs. While in Santa Fe we visited Los Alamos, where the atomic bombs from WWII were developed. Fascinating. Everyone brought in to work on the project lived in Los Alamos, but it was all secret... 'Los Alamos' didn't exist to the outside world... to receive mail, it went to PO Box 6166 (or something like that), Santa Fe... even the birth certificates for births during that time in Los Alamos say Santa Fe PO Box 6166. Then we drove until nearly 1 AM... Mark nearly ran over the Easter Bunny, too!!! But he was quick and Mark missed... wheh!

We found a quilt store in Sedona & bought 2 patterns... I'll HAVE to take Kathleen's class after we're home so I can learn to how make these. One is the Chapel of the Holy Cross that is built into the red rock... it's a smallish wall one, about 12" most square... the other is about poster sized of a desert scene with sunset colors.