Indian Ruins

Monday 10 April 2006, 9:47 pm

Monday, April 10

Highlights: Jerome and Jerome State Park, Tuzigoot National Monument, Montezuma's Castle NM

Tuzigoot National Monument
We aim to get into Sedona the back way, through Prescott and Cottonwood. I've never been this way before, but it must be better than the freeway. We found gas in Chino Valley for 2.59. The Chino Valley and Prescott areas seem to be nothing but trailers, but I don't assume we saw the whole thing.

Between Prescott and Cottonwood we pass through the hillside tourist trap of Jerome. We had to stop here because we have a brother in law named Jerome. We had to send him a post card and have it postmarked here. We also went to Jerome State Park, which surveys the mining history of this town.

Near Cottonwood we found the Tuzigoot National Monument, a set of indian ruins. It is really interesting because you can see entire rooms from below, at eye level, and from above. There are also two rooms you can actually walk into, one with a roof and one without.

Montezuma Castle Nat. Mon.
Also nearby we found Montezuma's Castle National Monument. It is another indian dwelling build high on the side of a cliff. You see it from a couple hundred feet below, and you can't go into it, but it is still fascinating. The park includes a small-scale model of the innards and a video showing what life might have been like. Those displays help fill in the gaps.

In Sedona, we found our first internet access since the Kinko's in West Covina several days ago. I downloaded our email by sitting in the parking lot of the Comfort Inn. Someone clogged up my spool with a 6 megabyte cue sheet file. Please don't do that to me while I'm on vacation! Someone else sent me a large video file. You know who you are! Please don't do that ... even "high speed wireless" is not very high speed, especially when you have only 1/2 bar of signal from some parking lot.

We got here too late to see the church on the hill while it's open ... again. So we'll stay here in town tonight if possible, and see the church tomorrow. But there are no available rooms in town. We finally find a great deal on a resort room ... if we will spend 90 minutes listening to the time-share pitch tomorrow afternoon. We're not interested in the time share, but 69 dollars for a suite and free steak dinner is too good to pass up. I have not been sleeping well for several nights, and this promises to make for a sound sleep.