Las Vegas

Sunday 9 April 2006, 9:42 pm

Sunday, April 9

Highlights: Calvary Chapel Spring Valley, In-n-Out

Calvary Chapel Spring Valley is a large church on the western edge of Las Vegas. They had good rock and roll worship. The message was out of Daniel 9 and how it relates to Palm Sunday. Mary found the message interesting, but she did not like the impersonal nature of attending a large church as strangers. We've had better experiences attending small churches while on the road.

This was our last chance to eat at In-n-Out and we did so. Then we headed out to Kingman over Hoover Dam. I forgot about the traffic delays at Hoover Dam. It's not disagreeable when you want to see the dam, but when you just want to get from here to there it's annoying. My covered truck got picked out for a short inspection.

We went to the Powerhouse building in Kingman, home of the Route 66 Museum. We looked at all the displays that were free, but peeking into the actual museum room, it didn't look worth the four dollar entrance fee, even though recommended by Lonely Planet.

We ended up in Ash Fork, halfway between Kingman and Flagstaff. The Ash Fork Inn advertised 25 dollar rooms, but it ended up at 31 dollars for two people plus tax. Not a bad room, either, but the towels were pretty skimpy.