Running around

Friday 7 April 2006, 9:32 pm

Friday, April 7

Highlights: none

We found a Kinko's and a notary in West Covina. We could not make my Powerbook work with the network at Kinko's. So I had to use their PC. Kinko's now charges 25 cents a minute to use their computers! Just a couple years ago it was 10 cents for a PC, and 20 cents for a Mac. We need some numbers to fill out the paperwork. I call the attorney but he leaves early on Fridays. I call the CPA and get the numbers.

Our nephew Paul goes to school at Azusa Pacific College, but we don't have his phone number, and no one else in the family does either. We finally reached his sister Rebecca, only to find out he's not in town anyway ... he's on spring break.

OK! We're headed towards our next destination: Death Valley. If we can't get there by dark, we'll get as close as we can. We end up in Baker at the Bun Boy Motel. I've called all around Death Valley and no other town has motel vacancies.