The Countdown

Wednesday 5 April 2006, 9:25 pm

Day -1: Monday April 3

We selected April 4 as our departure date. Originally, my passport was scheduled to arrive on April 4. It arrived earlier than expected, on March 23. But by then we had already made some other plans up until April 4.

But it doesn't look like we will get out of here tomorrow anyway. I am still finishing up some paperwork that needs to be done before we leave, and we have not started packing yet.

Day 0: Tuesday April 4

We decided that in order to leave today, we'd have had to stay up all night packing. So we will take today to pack, and we will leave tomorrow.

Afternoon update: we have not started packing yet.

If we wait until tomorrow, we can go to Bible Study at church tonight. We'll be away from Bible Study for several weeks, and we'll miss it, so since it is late, we decide to wait until the morning. We can pack later tonight or early tomorrow morning, and be out of here by noon.

Day 1: Wednesday April 5

OK, we slept in until almost noon. But we'll still be out of here in a couple of hours.

4 pm update: we are almost done packing. I call my sister in Fresno to see if we can stay at her house tonight. We will be ready to leave in about an hour, and we will arrive in Fresno around 8 pm. Carol will be in her own deaf Bible Study until 8 pm, so it times out just about right. We will be able to visit with her for a couple of hours before her 10 pm bedtime.

7 pm update: we are packed and the truck is loaded, but we have to stop and visit friends on the way out of town. They are looking after our house while we are gone.

8 pm update: we are truly on the road now. We should arrive in Fresno around 11 pm, only one hour after Carol's bedtime.

10 pm update: Carol asks whether she should leave the door open for us so she can go to bed. We are still 45 minutes away.

We finally arrive at Carol's house in Fresno just a little before 11 pm. She gets up around 5:30 am and we want to leave her house before she goes to work.