Where we been?

Wednesday 5 April 2006, 9:13 pm

Starting April 5, we are traveling the country. So far, we have been to Disneyland, Death Valley, Sedona, and Albuquerque. Right now we are in Santa Fe, and we're not sure where we are heading tomorrow. We will be heading either toward Oklahoma City, Amarillo, or Carlsbad Caverns. We do hope to visit the Atomic Museum in Los Alamos and the Space Center in Houston.

Starting April 20, we are due to serve for two weeks with CityTeam in Bay St Louis, Mississippi. We were there last Thanksgiving, helping to run a distribution center. We don't know yet what we will be doing this time.

After we're done in Mississippi, we may head up the Natchez Trace and and the Blue Ridge Parkway to Washington DC, where we hope to spend some time visiting the Smithsonian Museums. After that, we plan to visit Independece Hall and the Liberty Bell in Philadephia, whatever we can see in New York City, including the Statue of Liberty, then head up to Boston and New England.

As we head back, we might visit Ann Arbor (where Mary was born), Chicago (where Mark's dad was born), and venture into Canada. If there is time, we might even go to Alaska.

I will post our experiences this last week as a series of separate articles.